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9 thoughts on “The Parliamentarian Drug Car & Other Jordanian News

  1. Well, I meant I don’t want to go into the details here… legal bills and all that. But I thought it might be nice to drop a few hints about the kind of things we have to face in this industry.

    I just thought it was a little odd, and not a bit amusing, that instead of fighting over circulation and ad sales, certain individuals want to fight in a carpark….

  2. Why does my mind want to keep making that title “Drug CZAR, rather than car?”

    I was sad to see of the Rabia murder/suicide also. I know it is a nature of the beast issues, people murdering families, but it seems a bit like a Western version honor killings in that the man kills then circumvents the due process and penalty of the law by killing himself.

    Welcome back to blogging, you are a wise man to make mental vacations a priority and keep clear of industry games.

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