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4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Moment: The Wadi Araba Mural

  1. Hello,

    I tried to contact you earlier to verify the connection you are trying to convey through hieghlighting this part of the mural among the other 246 pieces that made up the mural and the islamic majority election based control of the complex but you didnt pick up.

    So to clarify : the complex is a host for the mural being the supporter for all anulling the treaty calls . yet the mural was is not coming from an islamist based vision, on the contrary its almost everything but that.

    anyway, i am inviting you (again) to go and have a look at the mural, and i am sure u will come back with much more conterversial drawings to your taste. it will stay in the complex for a while now.

  2. The problem with the majority of Arabs that they are an emotional, unrealistic people who want to retrieve Jerusalem the way Salah Al-Deen did.
    Time changed, I do believe that the only way for victory right now is by building a strong countries which power measured by its economy .
    In macroeconomics the stability and peace make a rich environment for investment which leads for a better life quality

    Jordan one of the most Arab countries who suffers from the Palestinian case, I don’t want to go back to history and the conditions which led to the peace agreement in the first place, but Jordan entitled to look after his interests, and if the request here is to annul the diplomatic relationship with Israel the request is declined.

    As a Jordanian citizen I feel so good about the way that my government deals with the Palestinian case, and for those who keep on throwing accusations and doubting Jordan’s Arabism my only response will be that actions speak louder than words, and if you believe in war there is a million way to cross the borders

Your Two Piasters: Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk