While Some Palestinians Starve Others Make Knafeh

All people are equal…

Generally, viagra recipe people are getting the calories they need, illness but only a few can afford a healthy and balanced diet. Poor families often substitute cheaper alternatives such as cereals, sugar and oil for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. For tens of thousands of children, this has resulted in deficiencies in iron, vitamin A and vitamin D. The likely consequences include stunted growth of bones and teeth, difficulty in fighting off infections, fatigue and a reduced capacity to learn. Most of the very poor have exhausted their coping mechanisms. Many have no savings left. They have sold private belongings such as jewellery and furniture and started to sell productive assets including farm animals, land, fishing boats or cars used as taxis. They are unable to reduce spending on food any further. [source]

But some…love their knafeh…

The sticky pastry was 74m (243ft) long and made from 700kg (1,540lb) of semolina flour and the same amount of cheese plus 300kg (660lb) of sugar. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was among the first to receive a slice before thousands of visitors tucked in…Organisers say they will now submit the results to the Guinness World Records. Palestinian news agency Maan said that 170 bakers from 10 Nablus pastry shops had helped make the giant kunafa, which cost around $15,000 (£9,000). [source]

…and the world spins madly on…


  • it is just another typical Arab way of of diverting the masses’ attention from real issues. “Jordan First” any one?

    p.s. are those kids stepping on the Knafeh in the last photo?

  • Atleast they are eating something other than shit …. or could that be kanafeh flavoured shit ? haven’t made up my mind yet but lovely juxtaposition

  • We have been doing the same thing and bragging with the biggest manasef ,while people in Zarka Delhi and Maan are starving ,,just a question what is the point behind your post Nas??

  • I don’t know. I think I like the idea. Puts Palestine on the map for something other than ‘terrorism’. It also is a good way of ‘tarfeeh 3an el nafs’. Sa7tein 3a 2albhom!
    I have to say that is pretty creative.
    I just don’t like how it may make it seem like Palestinians are happy and well off, and that Arab media is exaggerating the Israeli oppression of Palestinians.
    Bas bil 2akher, I really hope they enjoyed every bite! I think they really do deserve a break and some Knaffeh Nabulsiyye! Let’s give them a break.

  • I think the notion here is that this is a little insensitive to the suffering of people in Gaza. But I don’t think this event really affected the natural daily consumption of Knafeh in Nablus. 170 bakers from 10 shops had to participate in preparing it. If this event weren’t held, the same 170 bakers would still be making Knafeh in the shops. Take the knafeh they would have made and line it up into a row and you’ll probably get something close to 74 meters.

    So I don’t think anyone should be upset because of this. I just hope they make it into the Guinness Book.

    Wo sa7tain. I have been craving Knafeh for 2 days now :p

  • I’m puzzles by this…who said that Palestinians are a homogenous group, all living under the exact same circumstances, allowed only expressions of misrey and opression and none of those associated with joy…

    It’s an amusing piece of news, so what they spent 15,000 USD on Knafeh, it’s funny, harmless and unimportant, i repeat unimportant.

  • I agree with Hamzeh N, the same amount of Knafeh would’ve been made & consumed any way.
    Abu Abbas & his gang are desperate to come up with anything that appeals to Western media & makes them look like a peace-loving bunch :S
    However, the REAL reason that Naseem doesn’t like it is because he wasn’t invited & missed the delicious Knafa 🙂

  • This is really sad… I didn’t think of that when I read about it in Roba’s blog.

    إذا كنت لا تعلم.. تم ترشيح مدونتك في “مدونة صيف 2009” هنا

    وقد بدأت عملية التصويت هنا

  • I disagree with you. I think it’s a matter of national pride, reinforcement of cultural identity and a message that communicates: “Hey, we can have a seder this big without Hamas and Fateh killing each other over it.” A bunch of bakeries teamed up and did something nice for the people, I think the Palestinians are allowed to enjoy a day under the sun.

    Plus it’ll bode well when Adam Sandler does a sequel for fucking Zohan and tries to present Knafeh as an Israeli delicacy.

  • This is an interesting viewpoint.. i personally liked this news, but if you think of it, our kindred in Gaza don’t have such luxuries. On the other hand it’s nice for Palestinos in the WB to have some fun, coz their life (compared to most of us outside palestine) must be depressing and lacking in opportunities. Just my humble thoughts.

    summary: share half the knafe with gaza or the needy and don’t feel bad about it!

    another thing.. shows how cool nabulsi cheese is!

    another thing.. the first pic doesn’t look like knafe at all.. but some kinda spring-roll thingie.. maybe 7alawet jibn?

  • Palestine will never ever be liberated with douchebages like those. God will give the honor to liberate Palestine to probably a NON-Arab. Screw Palestine and Jordan’s elite. They are no difference than the Zionists, or worse. I hope the area sees a huge earthquake soon and new species of humans thrives in the holy land.

  • In the words of Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake.” We all know what happened to her…

    By the way, before all you history nerds jump, I know she didn’t actually say these words. I was, however, making a point.

  • Why not … can the people live and enjoy life and also resist occupation.
    By doing this and living on they are resisting and showing the rest fo the wrold what they can do

    dont sit behind your PC’s and analyze the resistance whithout being in Nablus and rest of the towns

  • i understand the contrast, but honestly, just because the people of gaza are suffering why does that mean that the people of the west bank can’t try to make their lives a little better? of course it would be great if the people of nablus could send some good to gaza. but of course that isn’t possible, through no fault of the nablusis.

  • whats the point in being the only one in a league? who else in the world competing with nablis on this record? Tokyo, Kinshasa, Boston?
    but it is definitely insensitive to the other Palestinians in Gaza. of course organized by the same people enforcing the blockade against Gaza as you can see HIS photo while eating.

  • @mo: thanks for that article. it’s as close to my opinion on this matter as it gets.

    i’m kind of surprised at some of the comments here i suppose. it’s a bit tragic for arabs or jordanians to start looking at palestinians as two elusively separate entities…one that lives in the west bank and another that lives in gaza. it’s ironic that it’s come to this – that we’re forced to think of these people as discardable, alienable, divided, and scattered people that are un-unified and shouldn’t be seen as such. it kind of sounds like someone elses plan if you know what i mean.

    also, and this is neither here nor there, but the assumption that this knafeh was going to be made anyway is pretty ludicrous. they had to raise $15,000 for it. i don’t know about you guys but i can think of about 15,000 things they could have done with that $15,000…

  • I agree with P

    why are we so dragged on with negative thinking??????

    so what?
    yes we could be bajam, they are making a big deal out of it, but I hope it goes into world record, because you know what? i think you should be negative about the world not the palestinians!!!! who really care about record setting and freaking non-sense like that, but aparently it goes into media, and yes KNAFEH IS NOT AN ISRAELI DELICASY!!!!

    sahtain!!! i hope they had the best fun!!!!! i love them!!! the prime minister can go to hell i dont care about him, but this is a celebration of a traditional delacsy, !!!

    the starving palestinians, instead of blaming those who are at least keeping on with their lives, like what? do they have a lot to celebrate about in life??? why blame it on them??? they could be bajam, but would they have been bajam if not for their restricted life forced on them by ocupation!!!

    have some respect, and love your origin NO MATTER WHAT THE “OUTSIDERS” look at it!!!


    with all my love, i send to the whole palestinians!! starving or being chaotic, I love you!!! because you are humans!!!! under all kinds of attack!!! unfair pregudices towards you from your own people!!!!

    what you expect them to be swiss-level attiquette??? dont think so!!!! its a freakin WAR ZONE!!!! sahtain!!! good job!!

  • i can understand people’s need to enjoy life, or in the case of people in Nablus “what’s left of it” but what i was trying to say perhaps exercising some sense of responsibility toward their fellow Palestinians in Gaza. it is not really time to celebrate, yet! this is an orchestrated effort to make people forget they are under an occupation done by the agents of the new order in the west bank. do you think if someone suggested collecting proceeds from the event and using that money to make one kunafeh plate in Gaza these agents would allow it? that’s why this event is b.s.

  • i’m kind of surprised at some of the comments here i suppose. it’s a bit tragic for arabs or jordanians to start looking at palestinians as two elusively separate entities…one that lives in the west bank and another that lives in gaza.

    but why stop there? why are you separating palestinians from arabs? or palestinians from the rest of the human race? i mean, if there’s something wrong with the people of nablus celebrating a local dessert because their brethren in gaza are suffering, then shouldn’t jordan cancel every festival or celebration until the seige of gaza is lifted? and, for that matter, how can any of us ever do anything fun if people in gaza (or congo or anywhere) are suffering?

    i’m not trying to be a jerk about this, or beat a dead horse. i’m just reiterating my above point that while the contrast between gaza and nablus is thought provoking, i don’t buy the idea that there’s anything wrong with making a big kunafa and eating it in a public celebration. according to my friends from nablus, things really have gotten better there lately. why can’t they enjoy the small measure of fun they are finally able to have? especially considering that the loosened restrictions probably won’t last forever. let them enjoy themselves while they can. by saying that i don’t think i’m dividing palestinians into two entities. i’m saying that every palestinian doesn’t have to spend his or her life avoiding fun, just because other palestinians are suffering elsewhere. just like how arabs are allowed to enjoy things even though there are arabs suffering in palestine and iraq. just like how human beings are allowed to enjoy things even though there are people suffering all over the globe.

  • “but why stop there? why are you separating palestinians from arabs? or palestinians from the rest of the human race? ”

    or arabs from the rest of the arab world, or the arab world from the rest of the human race, or the human race from…

    let’s stop zooming out a bit and come back down to earth for just a bit shall we?

    i’m not asking for a whole lot on a massively unrealistic level, nor am i asking that no Palestinian should ever feel any joy in his life, God forbid.. simply the assumption that the most common denominator in this equation, in its most simplest of forms…this group of people living within a small radius, can empathize with each other.

    are we saying that the organizers in nablus could not come up with anything to do with $15,000 dollars that did not involve an extravagant display of food consumption during a time when their relatives are dying of starvation? can we not see the tragic irony behind that?

  • “that we’re forced to think of these people as discardable, alienable, divided, and scattered people that are un-unified and shouldn’t be seen as such. it kind of sounds like someone elses plan if you know what i mean.”

    You’re are not forced to think of them that way they always have been that way even before England and France drew borders around all those people. a khalili is not a nabilsi (they don’t even marry from each other), a balgaweyeh marrying a karaki is called el ghareebeh it all goes back to the Arab syndrome..you know the one i keep bitching about.

  • To you, Nas, this may mean nothing! To Palestinians and the rest of the world this means a lot! Would you please be supportive! We need you on our side! or to be a Jordanian you have to be so cynical, judgmental and critical about everything Palestinian?

  • @Maha: I would argue that a lot has changed when it comes to arab identity since the french and english drew their borders.

    @Marwan: i find your comment full of unnecessary prejudice and discrimination. just because i “originate” from this side of the river does not make my interest and support for – and my opinions on – the palestinian cause any less valid. if we cannot be self-critical and examine our own status quo without carelessly nodding our heads in agreement like idiots just because something is deemed to be “palestinian” and therefore free from critical examination, then we wont survive the next century, that much is certain.


  • Nas, you are dodging my point here. I am talking mostly about support, nothing but support. We must believe in some positivity, especially when some would think that spending 15 grands on such gesture might generate something more valuable than the actual monetary value! I am sorry if I came out a bit prejudice, and defensive, but yet again, we still need your pen (or keyboard) to enlighten a new direction towards hope for a better life!

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