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15 thoughts on “Confusing Jordanian Summer Festivals: What’s Happening With Tourism Lately?

  1. (I guess the market for Western female sex tourism isn’t as big as some think it may be)

    When a family of six can spend five days at the Marriott in Taba for the price of one night at the Marriott Dead Sea, there is something wrong. Aqaba and the Dead Sea need moderately priced, clean hotels without all the fluff.

  2. “Coming soon Ramada Hotels to a city near you, hotel room prices everyone can afford”

    And that was my shameless plug for the day.

    Well, I think June and July are slow season for Tourism in Jordan because most Tourism market in the past has been directed towards Europeans. This summer JTB is trying to attract GCC tourists, thus the MBC new commercial.

    When our top management from Kuwait visited Jordan for the first time last couple of weeks, they were in for a surprise. They usually go to Lebanon or Syria and always had this impression that Jordan got nothing for them. But they found out there are real nice areas and the weather is fabulous.

    Jordan has great tourism potential, Religious, Adventures, Medical, and Leisure. 5 Star hotels has been dominating high room prices for so long, but with the financial crisis hitting the international markets, Budget hotels (RAMADA) has been spreading all over the region like fungus.

    Jordan is in need for 3 and 4 star hotels that are new and clean and can cater to the local and foreign tourists.

    If anyone is interested in branding their hotel, contact me @… <– OK I’m slipping again 🙂

    I really appreciate the facilities that JTB , JIB and MOTA are providing for investors in the hospitality sector.

    Jordan is working on developing the Tourism sector and I think it is going in the right direction.

    God Bless,


  3. Tourism does, on observation, seem to be down this summer. … Some of the local tourist operators I know say that last summer they used to send out several buses every week filled with tourists to places like Wadi Rum, Aqaba and Petra. This summer they are struggling to barely fill two buses a week, and the majority of travelers are locals (who can still barely afford it).

    Actually one comment I received was that local tourism is even down this summer because the period between the end of the Tawjeehi exams season and Ramadan has shrunk to just over a month. I think it actually makes a lot of sense. Families that have kids in Tawjeehi usually don’t do anything, especially during the exams season. I’m not sure if this year the exams were spread over a greater period of time which would have worsened the effect.

  4. Nice read, i do agree with you. As for the ad, it cost them a lot, two weeks of shooting, part of the big crew was from Egypt as well. It was about filming an ad and a documentary at the same time. I should say it’s the remake of a previous ad, nothing new.

  5. I’m tired of Jordan being promoted as a family destination. Surely we can be a bit more creative with our campaigns, and think outside the patriarchal structure we’ve carved for ourselves. Not to mention that I think it’s a bit hypocritical (I hardly hear of people engaging in familial functions beyond big lunches and trips to a private farm).

    I feel that such campaigns are simply cutting out everything interesting that is taking place in town (music, culture, arts, nightlife, etc.). Jordan Festival is promoting Jordanian dinosaurs who are still stuck in the 90s. Promote our upcoming local music talents. Promote our small film festivals. Promote botique hotels for young travelers who find lofty 5 star hotels boring, lacking in meaningful interaction and expensive.

    It is just a painful reminder that Amman is probably too quiet, too safe and too uninspiring a place to be in. I have yet to have a friend agree to visit Amman; my pleas are usually met with “I might as well go to Beirut, Dubai, Egypt or Aya Napa.”

    Egypt has authenticity and flavor. Tunisia has beach and sun. Lebanon has nightlife and diversity. Syria has tradition and gastronomy. We, on the other hand, sadly have an identity crisis, and well, Petra.

  6. “When a family of six can spend five days at the Marriott in Taba for the price of one night at the Marriott Dead Sea, there is something wrong. Aqaba and the Dead Sea need moderately priced, clean hotels without all the fluff.”

    Couldn’t agree more.
    Package tours to Aqaba and Jordan in general are very expensive when compared to Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey – just to mention a few of Europeans’ most popular holiday destinations.

  7. I, too, am waiting w/ baited breath for the likes of Ramada and others to come and provide:

    1. real hotel service, not lip service
    2. clean, modern rooms
    3. affordability

    I am visiting here in the US where one can get a great hotel room in many major cities for half the price as places like the Intercontinental (overpriced, snobby staff, old rooms) or Le Royal, where my friend spent nearly 700 JD for two rooms with cruddy decor, cigarette burns, and broken bathtubs. It is TRULY INSANE what these hotels get away with charging.

  8. I disagree with UmmFarouq; I have yet to see a hotel in Jordan (my frame of reference is mostly hotels in Aqaba, Dead Sea and Petra; not in Amman) that does not provide top-notch cleanliness standards. I have not heard complaints in this avenue either. In fact, the standards for hygiene and neatness in our hotels surpass that of other hotels in the region (I’ve been to some really dingy hotels in Lebanon and Egypt. Not a pleasant sight!).

Your Two Piasters: Buspar Buy Online