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3 thoughts on “Jordanian Parliament Faces Off With Pharmacists But Jordanians Get The Bitter Pill

  1. i agree with your point that associations need to find other ways to settle their disputes but one must wonder if the associations are being heard, their points considered or if a serious discussion is even taking place at all for them to resort to such extreme measures. perhaps once they’ve exhausted all their ideas for a civil and rational dispute they resort to extreme measures.

    we won’t suffer much without local news for a little while but the pharma issue is dangerous. hopefully the parliament will also see this and settle this dispute sooner than later.

  2. if things don’t hurt then non will speak of it and they would loose their case much more easily …. people in jordan in general could care less about the woes of “others” until it hits them, and then they are baffled how they never knew about things being that way.
    So yeah it might hurt but atleast it works perfectly with the way things are here … now if i could only find a way to stop that one association that i refuse to belong to because they want all the benefits of a political party without paying any of its dues and want to self righteously dictate policy when its non of their business … how can i boycott those hypocrites ?

Your Two Piasters: Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk