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8 thoughts on “Photo Of The Moment: The Hilton Dubai

  1. I love the headscarf with the bare arms and shoulders. Classic.
    And is that a little jewel hanging from her forehead? Have I missed something after living all these years in the Middle East? I haven’t been to any of the Gulf States, so maybe women do that there? (Help me out people, I’m totally confused)

  2. @ Hareega

    Despite the crap said about her, Paris is actually a very down-to-earth person who doesn’t get with a lot of people – WHEN she does, she does it crazy, but it doesn’t happen as often as it’s portrayed.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her at a party she had in Orlando and surprisingly she’s on the shy side. she just gets fierce as soon as a camera walks in!

    Attention hoe, thats all. lol

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