Jordanian Bloggers At Third Space Concert Tonight

Well tonight should be an interesting night. Jordanian bloggers via 7iber, have teamed up with some amazing artists to put on a never-before-untypical-unprecedented show tonight at the Al-Hussein Cultural Center in Ras Il-Ein. It’s a show that makes an attempt of merging the online and offline worlds in Jordan – bringing an online conversation to the offline stage. In the limelight, blogger and photographer extraordinaire, Laith Majali, gives us a handful of his remarkable photographs depicting some of Amman’s many third spaces: the public spaces that have often times evolved naturally in the wondrous landscape of our capital.

Each photo will be brought to life by bloggers and speakers, as well as musical pieces by award-winning pianist Tala Tutanji and world renowned pianist Mikhail Kazakavich.

Mohammad Al Qaq, aka Khobbeizeh, will be there, as will Wael Attili and the 7iber gang.

Show starts at 7:30pm tonight. Tickets are 7JDs with proceeds going towards future art projects. You can get them at Cozmo, Books@cafe, and Al-Qasr Hotel, with a limited number sold at the door of the Al-Hussein Cultural Center.



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