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15 thoughts on “HM Queen Noor On The Colbert Report

  1. Why for some reason or other ,when former head of state such as Jemmy Carter or for this matter former Queen Noor,when they are at the helm of decision making they keep quite and for the most of their tenure muted, but when they leave the “office” they become active and outspoken,for years, she didn’t say a word or a murmur about the Israeli nuclear arsenals,i just find it very empty rhetoric to boost their lost standing and to bring themselves to the limelight..

  2. But of course during their tenure’s they cannot speak freely. Then they represent a nation, its policies, its aspirations, its strengths and weaknesses, but here she is representing her own self, her views, her thoughts etc. Now she doesn’t have to be diplomatic but then she would have probably created a diplomatic crisis if she were to express her own views. This shouldn’t be frustrating, rather, very interesting and inspiring. It is like great politicians recording their memoirs.. for the sake of saying the real truth to those who want to listen and know. I don’t think for one minute that this is empty rhetoric to boost lost standing etc. I rather think it is being honest and saying your own mind.

  3. I think all Queens of Jordan have this Fantasy to be a Comideian or probably dreaming about being Hollowead super stars

    well they fit there with thier hair style and make up… they already actores, Rania and Noor are 2 fake women,I will suggest for them to Try acting or do like Opra winfry show

    For God Sake NOOR..why don’t you solve the poor weapon in Jordan, You can’t Stop Evil , coz its made by devil( Nuclear Weapons )

    but you can take a Ride ( Alone ) between the poor places in Amman and Zarqa and Irbid and see how Misrable lives people have, and with the Money of your Nuuuuuuuclear Campign you can solve and save many Jordanian Lives .and get impressed by them not by a stupid Audiance In USA , they dont know where is Jordan Located!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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