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7 thoughts on “Corruption At The Amman Municipality?

  1. Pingback: Buy Kamagra Cheap
  2. It is great that corruption at the Municipality started seeing the light. The problem is that corruption is at all levels… it starts as small as 10 Jds here and there, or small services to certain people… and goes up to 120,000 bonuses to officials…

    You posed an important question here, how many officials have benefited? how much money does it take an “expert” to stay at the Municipality? are there no other experts in Amman, who don’t need that much money?

  3. The bonuses decision was the subject of a big dispute for a long time and I don’t think it should be called corruption when such a decision took the prime minister approval, as for a Blog like black iris I guess writing on the web should be with transparency, the writer didn’t mention that the corruption is considered for decision have not been made in Omar Maani administration

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