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29 thoughts on “X-Men Origins: Wolverine | The Leak Comes To Jordan’s DVD Black Market

  1. the obvious reason for the growing dvd black market in jordan, is the insane dvd prices at the official dvd stores.
    a title like Iron Man which is selling for around $20 in america, is priced over 40JD here.

    before anybody talks about the black market, complain to the mighty jordanian customs on original dvds.

  2. ps. im saying this because 90% of dvds sold from those shops arent even dvd quality.
    they are either screen-recorded, or compressed to lower the size.

    as someone who used alot dvd burning and editing software, i can imagine how do they create those dvds. they get them through torrents and from various forums.

    for me, i cant watch a movie if it wasnt the original quality, it kills the whole point of enjoying it.

    my advise, dont waste your money even if it was a couple of jd.
    im just glad i have paytv channels.

  3. Actually i don’t mind DVD piracy… I feel it is not fair to sell a DVD for $20 or JD40… when some families around the globe live on less than $1… the point is if people can watch it for 1 JD then mabrouk for them!

  4. Well I have been in Jordan for less than a year now and have collected 300+ DVD’s from my childhood films to the latest releases. I always demand to watch the DVD before I actually purchase it. I have even sent many back to London.

    I have witnessed a lhigh number of DVD shops actually closing down and concentrating on selling computer parts due to being rushed by customs.

    Illegal DVD’s will start being sold underground and not publically like they are now and they will become more expensive as there is more risk.

    Blockbuster franchise should start opening up around town but there will be many problems membership loyalty, with late DVD’s returns and how to enforce fines……

  5. sorry for double posting. but madas i just realized your point, and you have a good point, and piracy will last forever wether we like it or not. what i said only reflects my opinion but i think you misunderstood my words.
    go have a look at dvd store online that are based in america, you will see the average dvd is selling for $20, while in jordan the same dvds are selling for over jd40, this is the problem.
    and if you dont want to buy you can rent, because i only watch the dvd once and throw it.
    its also better than building a mountain of pirated dvds in your room.

  6. @original – eh yeah I do understand that if they have a blockbuster franchise they wont be able to legally sell pirated DVD’s in their store its not exactly rocket science is it?, however they can still sell it under the table like one of the big brand ehhmm wink wink nudge nudge “Sir Rihacrd Bansorn” stores in Amman (sells original DVD’s but u can still request pirates and staff will supply, I will not mention any names – supply and demand my friend thats the game). Ok its not legal but hey thats what pirates are about. Another thing Mr Original I dont know how you came up with “millions” as a cost of franchising Blockbusters. Furthermore I dont understand how they will lose money if they pass it on to the underground black, market please elaborate. I personally think that pirated DVD’s will double in price because there is more risk and therefore more money will be made. Basically just because Blockbuster is introduced it does not mean pirates will disappear, pirates will always be around finding new ways to outwit the law and trust me in Jordan they have been doing it for soooo long…..the introduction of a blockbusters or a rental company with a reputation will cater for those who tend buy (pirated DVD’s) and throw, and the pirates will cater for the ones who keep and take pride in a collection of oldies and latest good quality DVD’s

    @bambam – Serious are they broke?

    Generally Jordanians have potential when it come to things like this, I remember when watching the world cup here in 2006 and euros in 2008 everytime the satelite channel was scrambled my cousin received a txt on his mobile within seconds and everything returned to normal without paying a penny for any subsrciption……

  7. original – In the UK there are Pirate radio stations, Pirate DVD’s and many many counterfeit products from clothes, watches and perfumes. Most up and coming talented music artists probably done a set or two on Pirate radio stations, Craig David began his career on pirate radio stations as an MC. In fact pirate radio stations are starting to dig into the advertising revenue, furthermore *KIss FM actually started out as a pirate underground radio station.London is swarmed with DVD rental outlets, however you can still get hold of a pirated DVD if you look hard enough. *It would not surprise me if Hamudeh DVD was left to operate under certain regulations and obtain distribution rights for original DVD’s from a wide range of studios. he has the links the structure and know how.

    the government can shut who down exactly? no market share for originals are you crazy (remember in this context we are talking about its only for rent!!!). If you are referring to Pirates then your very wrong again as the governement is finding it very hard to control this problem even with the help of Talal Abu Ghazaleh IP division.

    To be honest I dont understand your arguments, or are you just arguing for the sake of it?

  8. Was dissapointed when I saw the piracy, it must have spoilt lots of sales. Though it was interresting seeing the strings and graphics, those are for the Extra sceene or the making on DVDs. Nevertheless, i will go to the cinema to pay my respects. That was quite a story, would want to watch the real thing possibly with a little more suprise but I feel for the producers.

  9. Well, look at the bright side…you got to understand how they generate the cool effects….or, maybe you bought the “Making of X-Men” 🙂

    Heres the thing, I’m not working in an organization that advocates for copy rights issues nor will I get into the argument of “is it right to buy these copies or not?”

    But do we really have to depend on these copies? I think that it could be the price issue.

    If I was a real movie fan (and I am) why do I have to watch a movie in such a low quality (and I do) !!

    Maybe if we had good offerings/pricing, like the one we see outside Jordan or the ones online, may be this will change and people will be more encouraged to buy original DVDs!

  10. Bashar – you make a valid point, but you have to consider taxes that are put on these DVD’s. its much like anything else that you purchase in Jordan. how much are a pair of levis? and compare them to how much they are in the states or online its the same % difference dependiong on where you buy them….footlocker sells trainers at an extremely high price when compared to the footlocker in the UK. same goes for cars much cheaper in the US and UK….these taxes are standard…and this is a part of how the country makes money baring in mind we have little exports and no natural resources apart from phosphates!!!!!

  11. I have seen the movie.. I was very disappointed. It was too careless of them for the copy of the film to be available in black market…. a lot of copies are for sale everywhere

    I will still prefer to watch it in the movie house…

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