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13 thoughts on “On Pause

  1. This post gave me a little giggle. A few people over the last couple days mentioned in front of me that they believe you’re going to get into trouble for what you’ve posted lately. I frowned and wondered if there was a recent post I’d missed. Checked, and found nothing new, and like you say above, no jail bird material – far from 🙂

    The talks got me a bit concerned at our own level of self censorship though, and how fear has become so overwhelming. To me that’s quite worrisome. It’s one thing to fear the law and system, but to have so much inhibition about good, analytical, honest opinion with heart…. yikes! It seems the boundaries we need to push are our own, way before we start worrying about provoking watch dogs.

    Anyway, enjoy London!

    People change their worlds one conversation at a time – it’s their right.

  2. I heard you presented at the LMEI conference! I was supposed to be there too, but had a scheduling conflict (as a result of me reading the date as 19 instead of 16 – i really need to get checked for dyslexia). how was it? did i miss anything? would be gr8 if you provide a review :p hehe

  3. Good to hear that you’re still around – I was also having thoughts of you being dragged away to a prison cell, although I knew that this was probably not all too likely. Living in western Europe, it’s difficult for me to comprehend the reality of governments that find the sort of public speech highly objectionable that we take for granted here. (In the overall Global Changemakers programme, we’ve got a couple of Burmese Changemakers, and some of the stories they’ve told – young activists getting jailed for advocating the use of paper rather than plastic bags – are practically surreal to me.)

    Hope you’re enjoying London in the Spring!

  4. Hmm…Well, one thing I think I know is that you should always prepare yourself for the possibility…I wonder if Jwiedeh is wi-fi enabled ? 🙂

    No..I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon, and yes, its a good sign.

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