The Black Iris Turns Four

A belated birthday.

The fourth year ends.

The fifth year begins.

And I find myself wondering if there’s anything more left to say…

p.s. thank you all for putting up with me


  • Hey Nas,
    humanity has been talking for thousands of years – and you think about falling silent after no more than four? Keep on rocking. Happy Birthday to the Iris and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • I add my voice to Simon,

    I think you have plenty more to say…and feel it the Jordanian Bloggosphere will lose a lot if you decide to go silent… keep writing.

  • It’s not so much if there is anything left to say; every day the news brings something to reflect on, and with each year old topics need to be revisited with new information.

    Don’t grow weary, that may be the bigger question. Putting together a magazine every month, helping run a citizen journalism project and being an activist can try the blogging soul. That’s only listing your public interests. Add music, poetry, personal reading and relationships, yikes, the man doesnt’ sleep.

    When you are married and children come, this season of owning your life will end with it. Time will be spent in other ways, important ways. So keep it up!!! Thx for blessing and informing.

  • “And I find myself wondering if there’s anything more left to say…”

    You ain’t seen nothing yet!

    The conversation needs to get louder, bolder, bigger….that’s the only way forward.

  • Happy Birthday – here’s to another 4 years that are just as critical, constructive, and creative!
    and here’s to you – for passion and dedication that made this possible.
    There is loads more to be said. There is laods more YOU need to say. the reason being one you yourself provided, in a memorable post not too long ago. “because words still matter”.

  • Happy Birthday.

    I lived in Amman from early 2005 to last fall. I’m now back in Toronto. I’ve followed your blog regularly from the beginning and found it to be an inspiration. As an English speaking foreigner I regarded it as one of the few places where I could find some interesting perspectives other than the party line as found in the Jordan Times.



  • And I find myself wondering if there’s anything more left to say…

    I would assume that the three dots mean: Under the current conditions of…..

  • happy birthday…to the pride of jordanian blogging 🙂
    im not gonna tell you not to stop…
    something tells me,it not only our dose of morning coffee…it’s urs as well

  • Keep up the good work. I haven’t read the blog for four years, so in my mind you are only just getting started. Your blog is my only avenue into the Arabic news and government issues since I don’t bother to read anything not in English. I could, but I am not that ambitious. Alhamdulilah. So, keep informing us about what is going on out there. Salam, Um Omar

  • Happy birthday Black Iris, I stopped blogging for more than a year now, but I don’t think you will be able to stop it, I’m sure 🙂

  • thank you all for the comments and congratulatories! 🙂

    i will confess that lately i have been wondering very seriously if the time for retiring this part of my life is nearing. for now, i will stick to what i said in my very first post, as quoted in “alice in wonderland”….’start at the beginning and keeping going till you get to the end…then stop’

  • It’s been good reading the whole time, and I look forward to more! Plus, I don’t believe you will be able to retire – once the bug to share is there, it doesn’t easily go away. Cheers!

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