The Bush Years In Photos

Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker, Errol Morris has a very interesting piece in the New York Times this week where he looks at the images that really capture the “Bush Years”. Some are widely known and popularized, others not so much. Some are funny some are just sad. From him standing on the rubble of the Twin Towers with a bullhorn, to his clumsy attempt at opening a locked door in China or, of course, the shoe being thrown at his head. Check out the article and the discussion Morris has with some of the photographers.

Here are the three that I found very interesting and very recent. They capture a single moment in which Bush is entering a room to say goodbye to his staff on his last day, right after a national TV broadcast.

I found it pretty captivating simply because it’s a face that I’ve never seen Bush wear in public these horrendous past eight years. Whether it’s a look of failure or nostalgia or defeat or relief, I don’t know. Maybe he just broke down backstage. But concentrating on that momentary reaction long enough, especially in that last picture – it does have the effect of making Bush look almost, nearly, human.



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