7iber Gets Honored At The Jordan Web Awards

I wrote this post in my head while sitting at a table at the Jordan Web Awards the other night. It was surely a proud moment to be honored unexpectedly like that but I have realized recently that 7iber is in fact life-changing. It’s an incredible journey and just watching it, which ever way it turns and bends in a chaotic sea of social media, is very interesting to me. I am incredibly fortunate to have this project in my life that feeds a variety of passions that drive me daily, while simultaneously surrounding myself with some amazing, bright and beautiful people. It’s not an easy task in a country like Jordan, or anywhere for that matter, to be part of a team that feels right; a group of people who have similar interests and passions that a single meeting becomes akin to watching random chemicals reacting in a crucible – like fireworks. And it’s something that you’re aware of, that you’re conscious of, every time you’re in their presence. Moreover, it’s something that is completely dependent on luck, fortune and/or divine intervention.

So this little post here is my sentimental way of giving a digital hug to my fellow colleagues, Ramsey, Mariam, Shaden and Lina, who help make 7iber what it is to me: worthwhile.


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