Scenes From Last Night

Nuff said…

These people are just amazing. I’ve seen some familiar faces that have showed up almost every day and it’s good to see new faces as well.

If you still want to help out, more and more people will be coming over the weekend so keep yourself informed with 7iber when it comes to all the details.

Kudos to you all!


  • i know its must of been mentioned here or there, but, can someone please tell me what exactly happens to the good we donated? how? where? when? etc..(a link is fine if your lazy to type, my internet is buggy/slow as hell atm, so cant do it ma own 🙂 )

  • From a former student of mine. Not meant to brag but to motivate you to believe that simple attempts can make a difference in life.
    Received today.

    Dear Professor Jarrah,

    You may not remember me but I was in your Middle East class this past
    fall semester, and let me just say I have never learned more from a
    class than I did from yours. The only thing I found frustrating was
    when I would try to discuss the different things I had learned with my
    father. Generally speaking, my dad is a very intelligent and wise man,
    that is until it would come to topics about Arab people, in which case
    he was always quite ignorant. It had always upset me to hear his
    negative views about this group of people that he really knew nothing
    about. I would continuously tell him to read your book, and that it
    would change his mind, and stubbornly he would reply that he was sure
    it would not.

    For his birthday this past year I gave him Obama’s Audacity of Hope,
    which he read and really enjoyed. After reading that he must have
    decided to trust my taste in books, because when I gave him your Arab
    Voices he read it right away and in fact finished it in only a few
    sittings. He really enjoyed it as well and thought it was one of the
    most interesting books he had ever read. More importantly it finally
    opened his eyes to how wrong his prior views had been. He found it so
    interesting that he wanted to discuss it with just about anyone he
    could find, including myself, my mother, and people at work. He has
    even passed it on to a friend at work (who is also enjoying it) and
    they are planning a time when they can get together to really discuss

    Basically the point of me writing this is not only to compliment you
    on your book, but also to thank you for everything you have done. Not
    only did I learn so much from your class, but you also opened my dad’s
    eyes which I am very grateful for. I hope you know that everything you
    are doing is truly making a difference in the world, even if it is
    step-by-step and person-by-person. I wish you continued success and
    all the best in your journey!

    Again, thank you so much for everything you do.


  • Sam~
    Thank you for sharing this on Nas’ post. It proved that there is still hope for this world.

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