Some Love For Jon Stewart

Show some love for the man.

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  • That is perhaps the best Daily Show segment EVER. I love when a smart, funny Jew can take a look at what Israel is doing and call it for what it is. My favorite bit, “That depends on if I forced him to live in my hallway and go through checkpoints when he wants to take a *$#!.” Too great. Thanks for sharing!

  • Excellent, however a better description could of been..”That depends if I HAVE REPOSSESSED THE PERSONS HOUSE and forced him to live in the hallway and go through checkpoints when he wants to take a s***!!”…..

    anyway nice post

  • What a stupid show. Obama’s version of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ are the battle cries of simpleminded people who believe anything the media tells them to.

    This is the new 1950s. Now Americans are in unithought with the media once more.


  • “DO YOU KNOW ANYTHINGGGGG????” loooooooooooooooool, yea I posted this a couple of days ago. “I guess it depends if I force that guy to live in my hallway” other favorite line

    Yesterday on the Daily Show Stephen Colbert had the head of the ACLU who thinks Guantanamy Bay should be closed. Colbert opened that one up saying the only way GBay should be closed is if we open Abu Ghraib back up. LOL

    In times like these we always have the Daily Show for a dose of acceptable humor!

  • Telling it like it is 🙂

    I think they hit on something with the “hope and change deadline.” It definitely will be interesting to see what Obama’s effect on relations between America and Middle Eastern countries is. Also, I would agree that he is somewhat of an “unknown” when it comes to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. I think he had to say he supports Israel in order to be popular, but it may not be his true feelings and his future policies remain unknown.

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