How To Help Gaza Now!

A lot of people have been wondering how they can still help do something on-the-ground in Jordan when it comes to the situation in Gaza.

Here’s three things you can do:

 First: 7iber needs volunteers who are willing to help sort and package goods just like last time, at the Aramex warehouse.

Second: 7iber is raising funds for urgent medical equipment. We’ve got 15,000JDs worth of equipment so far, but we’d like to have a significant leap in the number this week so we can send it as soon as humanly possible.

Third: Spread the word! Blog it! Repost it! Facebook it! Email it! SMS it!

For all the details…


3 thoughts on “How To Help Gaza Now!

  1. Thanks for the update I was wondering if you guys are still packaging things. I now kick myself for not calling to check this weekend.

    Also to help Gaza there are three initiatives that are media/ awareness campaigns that are ways for people to protest other than demonstrations. I have linked them on my blog

    we can all do something, say something and in our own ways. Thanks for the update and see you at the warehouse soon.


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