Punking The Israeli Collaborator Hotline

Electronic Intifada has a sample of the leaflets being dropped on Gaza encouraging its residents to snitch on any “terrorists”. They even called up the hotline to play a bit of a prank. The recording is actually worth listening to, and if you don’t understand the broken-Arabic you can read the transcript in English also on EI. This is probably my favorite part:

EI: So what’s your name?

Israeli officer: I’m Abu Ibrahim.

EI: So you don’t want to give me your name?

Israeli officer: And you, you too don’t want to …

EI: As far as the Israelis are concerned all Arabs are called Ahmad or Muhammad so what’s the difference?

Israeli officer: So you want to know my full name, if I asked you your full name … let me say a few words to you. Look, I’m a Jew and I’m from the Israeli Defense Forces. But unlike you, my great, great, great grandfathers were all born here, going back thousands of years. We never left the country. You Palestinians have never been a nation. The Palestinians settled here recently, only a short time ago. What’s that got to do with me?

EI: Ok, the person who wants to help the people of Gaza talks like that about the Palestinians? You deny their existence?

Israeli officer: Look, I’ll tell you …


Your Two Piasters: