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18 thoughts on “How Jordanians Can Donate Medical Supplies To Gaza In One Easy Step

  1. I have just been down to Pharmacy One at Cozmo and chosen a package for JD 101.46. I think it is a wonderful idea but I hope that all the medicines in the lists are what are needed and that Pharmacy One will put the same medicines together for easier distribution at the other end. Are we paying wholesale prices for the medicines or pharmacy prices? T

  2. Annie B – I am not quite sure what ‘philanthropic discretion’ means! But I have been involved with huge amounts of donations from the First Gulf War through to now and you might be surprised at the amount of money people make through disasters. I am not accusing Pharmacy One of anything but just would simply like to know. T

  3. TJoLadies,
    The regional manager spent all day working with her pharmacists putting together the most appropriate lists of items that they can send out legally (excluding things like insulin and anti-rejection drugs, as well as class 4 narcotics, which have to be sent out by companies such as Hikmah). I think they really thought it out thoroughly. Thank you so much for your generosity in this time of great need.

    As far as wholesale or pharmacy prices, I am not sure. I can find out for you, though.

  4. Dear All,

    Aramex would like to thank you for your generous hearty contributions which only reflect the noble and human side in each and everyone of you.

    We would like to cordially bring to your attention that Pharmacy One is providing the medicine at discount prices when donated to Gaza in a gesture to encourage donations and help provide as much assistance as possible to our people there.

    For enquiries please call Aramex Mr. Sudud Qubtan سؤدد قبطان at +962 (7) 95149291 who will provide you with all the information you need.

    Also for pickup from Amman please call us anytime at 5358855.

    Let us all deliver hope to Gaza.

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