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17 thoughts on “Jordan On Gaza: The Voice Of The People?

  1. Ayatollah Khamenei’s Message Regarding the Gaza Massacre

    In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

    “Surely we are Allah’s, and to Him we shall return.”

    [The Holy Quran Sura Baqarah (2), Ayah 156]

    The appalling crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza and the massacre of hundreds of oppressed men, women, and children, has once again revealed the true nature of the bloodthirsty Zionist wolves, who had been hiding behind a veil of deception during the past few years. This event has again revealed-to those who are not vigilant and prepared to compromise at any price-the threat posed by the presence of these warring infidels (kafer-e harbi) living in the heart of the lands of the Islamic Ummah.

    This tragic event is unbearable for all Muslims, nay, for any moral and honorable human being living anywhere in the world. However, what is even more tragic and unbearable is the cowardly silence of some Arab governments that claim to be Muslims-which only encourages the enemies. What could be more tragic than the fact that so-called Muslim governments-which should have supported the oppressed people of Gaza against the occupying, infidel (kafer) and warring (mohaareb) Zionist regime-have acted in a way that the criminal Zionist officials have become insolent enough to declare that these Arab governments support and are in agreement with this great tragedy?

    What explanation do the heads of these countries have before the Holy Prophet (s.w.a.)? How will they justify their inaction to their own peoples, who are undoubtedly bereaved by this tragedy? Surely today, the hearts of the people of Egypt, Jordan, and other Muslim countries are bleeding because of this massacre, which follows the long siege of Gaza during which food and medicine were kept away from its people.

    Being an accomplice in this great crime, the criminal Bush administration-which is going through the last days of its disgraceful rule-made the US regime even more disgraced than before and added more pages to its war crimes record. European governments once again proved the falsity of their claims regarding their support for human rights through their indifference and through their support for this great tragedy. They have shown that they are part of the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim camp.

    I ask the ulama and clergy of the Arab world and the heads of Egyptian Al-Azhar University: is it not time you felt alarmed for Islam and Muslims? Is it not time you fulfilled your obligatory duty of warning against evil and fulfilling your obligation of “saying what is right to the oppressive leader”?

    In order for you to feel responsible, do you need a clearer proof than what is happening in Gaza and Palestine? These events prove the collusion and collaboration of warring infidels (kafer-e harbi) with the hypocrites (munafeqeen) of the Islamic Ummah and are aimed at suppressing Muslims.

    I ask the media and intellectuals of the Muslim world, especially the Arab world: until when are you going to continue neglecting your duties and responsibilities as media and intellectuals? Can the disgraced western human rights organizations and the so-called Security Council be disgraced any further?

    All the Palestinian mujahideen and the faithful people of the Muslim world are obliged to defend the children, women, and defenseless people of Gaza by all possible means. Those who are killed in this sacred and legally sanctioned battle are martyrs, and their souls will be associated with those of the martyrs of the Battles of Badr and Uhud, before the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.w.a.).

    The Organization of the Islamic Conference must fulfill its historic duty in these critical times and form a unified front-without petty considerations or any passivity-to oppose the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime must be penalized by Muslim governments. The Zionist heads must be personally tried and penalized for their crimes and the prolonged siege imposed on Gaza. These goals can be fulfilled through solid determination of the Muslim nations, and in this critical period, politicians, ulama, and intellectuals shoulder the heaviest responsibility.

    Due to the tragedy in Gaza, I hereby announce Monday as a day of public mourning and I call on the government officials to fulfill their duties with regard to this tragic event.

    “And soon those who do injustice, will know to what final place of turning they will be turned.”
    [The Holy Quran, Sura as-Shu’ara (26): Ayah 227]

    Sayyid Ali Khamenei

    Source www.

  2. Yaser,

    A tricky question. A collective Arab framework is impossible, as the region is torn between Iran and the US.

    Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, Abbas on the one hand, and Syria, Hezbollah/Lebanon, Qatar, Hamas on the other.

    Each dictator is looking after his interest, not the interest of his nation, the Arab world nor Palestine.

    Mubarak enjoys the billions of dollars in annual payments from Washington, he’s not going to sacrifice that for 1000 Palestinian lives.

    The Saudi monarch also enjoys swimming in gold pools, and wouldn’t sacrifice that for 10000 Palestinian lives.

    So long as such greed persists in the Arab world, Israel will blast Palestine and Lebanon as it pleases.

  3. The protests in Cairo, Amman and Damascus show us, once again, how impotent we are and how pointless our leaders are. We need leaders or we might as well hand the keys back to colonial powers and make it official. The current Kings, Presidents and Princes, with their grand palaces and elaborate ceremonies have no legitimacy, no credibility and no sense of reality. We need a clean slate.

    We should send them to Switzerland where they can happily spend their remaining days spending our looted money and giving pretty gifts to American officials. Maybe then we can get on with our lives. Maybe then we can hope to do something – other than shout in the streets, that is.

  4. The Jordanian government is certainly able to sever all ties with Israel, including closing borders and suspending trade. Business in Jordan would certainly be effected by this though and people would lose jobs and a good amount of much-needed income for the government would disappear. I suspect this is why the government is moving slowly on this.

  5. Abu Daoud: What percentage of Jordan’s external trade is with Israel? I suspect it is negligible, though please provide sources / figures if you have them. In fact what can Jordan possibly sell Israel in such huge quantities that would allow “trade” to become a factor?

    As for cutting ties, Jordan did not hesitate to cut ties with a number of donor countries (e.g. Qatar) on much smaller grounds, depriving itself of “much needed income”. Surely the murder of 350 people justifies losing a couple of thousand dinars worth of olive oil sales.

  6. we must all call them ( killers of children ) so as this name stay with them always … we can be the first , but this name will stay tell the end ..instead of calling them israelis why not to start an effort to call them in that name in any occasion ?? ( KILLERS OF CHILDREN )??

  7. I don’t have the numbers to show what percentage of the Jordanian economy would be effected, but I think that businesses in Jordan’s Qualified Industrial Zones, who are allowed to export to the US without tariffs if they use 10% Israeli goods in their manufactured goods, would suffer greatly from cutting ties with Israel. I also agree that the ability of Jordanians to bring aid and supplies to the Gaza Strip when even the neutral (and mostly ineffective) international organizations are not let in is an advantage of Jordanian-Israeli relations that is not to be underestimated.

  8. Maryah: I am not sure why you say these businesses will suffer. I don’t follow the logic of what you’re saying. Anyway, assuming that you are right, I would love for someone to quantify this “suffering”. I mean are we saying 400 lives are worth $500,000 to the Jordanian treasury, or just $50,000 ? It would be good to find out.

    As for aid, Jordan had warm relations with Israel last week yet curiously, these strong relations did not help get aid into Gaza.

  9. From what I have heard, the Hashemite Charitable Organisationn has sent in several hundreds of tons of relief supplies to Gaza during the past few days, and has done so throughout the whole miserrable siege. I suppose that has to be a plus side of the Jordan/Israel peace accord ?

  10. هيا
    لن اقول من هي هيا
    فلا عاش ولا تنعما من لم يعرف من هي هيا
    قليل من العرب لم يعرفوها و اكاد اجزم ان هيا لن تتشرف بمعرفتهم
    هيا تلك الطفلة العربية الغزاوية الكبيرة
    عرفتها عندما رأيتها بالاصفر ملفوفة محمولة على الاكتاف
    رأيتها و اقسم انني ظننتها نائمة
    رأيتها و اقسم انها اجمل
    و اروع من جميع اطفال الارض
    و اجمل من جميع ملكات الدنيا
    هيا لا تحزني على ذلك الفراق
    فتلك هي الراحة
    راحة من خزي و عار
    فكيف يا هيا استطيع افهامك ذلك الجبن العربي ؟؟
    هل يستطيع كبار اساتذة الجامعات و اكثرهم علما ان يدخلوا في رأسك الجميل و عقلك الكبير مدى ضعف ذلك الشجب و هذا الاستنكار ؟؟؟
    هل تستطيع معلمة مدرستك تلك ان تفهمك كيف اني و لأجل رؤيتك على التلفاز محمولة شهيدة مررت بمئات الفضائيات العربية الهزيلة بها اشد الاغاني مجونا و جنونا
    و لم اجدك يا هيا
    كيف استطيع ان اقتعك بأن حياتك ان استمرت يا هيا هي افضل ؟؟
    كيف استطيع يا هيا و بعض من رأيت من العرب يحتفلون و يرقصون ؟؟
    فلا تندمي ولا تحزني
    فأنت الشهيدة الحية
    و ان عشتي يا هيا و كبرتي و انتي عائشة بقلوبنا فمن من الازواج يستحقك ؟؟
    من من الشباب كفؤ لك ؟؟
    هل هو من هؤلاء الراقصين ليلا نهارا ؟؟
    ام من هؤلاء ذوي انصاف البنطلونات ؟؟
    لا والله
    ام هو من احفاد من يفتتحون القمم العربية و الخليجية و المال و الاقتصاد حديثه
    الا يخجلون من قمة كلمتها الافتتاحية ليست هيا ؟؟؟؟
    الا يخافون من قمة لم تزينيها بحضورك الجليل البهي ؟؟
    من من الازواج تستحقين يا هيا ؟؟
    انه لن يكون الا شهيد مثلك
    لأنه مثلك يا هيا فأنتي بتضحيتك تلك لا تستحقين و لن تنالي الا شهيد مثلك
    فلا تحزني لاهل تركتهم من بعدك اذ انهم الان يحتفلون
    لكن ليس ككل البشر
    انهم الان فخورين
    هل تعلمين لماذا ؟؟
    لانك زدتيهم عزا
    و منحتيحم فخرا

    عذرا يا هيا من ان تلك القنوات
    و هذه المحطات
    لم تبث صورتك الرائعة و انتي نائمة
    لكن اتعلمين ماذا

    انتي انبل و اشرف من ان تكوني بجانب تلك المغنية او ذلك الراقص

    عذرا يا هيا من ان تلك القمم العربية
    لم تضمن اسمك البهي في نصوصها الجافة القاحلة كصحرائهم

    اذ انك الماء و انتي الحياة و انتي تلك الزهرة
    فكيف لذلك الماء او تلك الحياة او اجمل زهرات الارض ان تعيش بصحراء بترولهم ؟؟

    عذرا يا هيا من ان برامج احتفالات رأس السنة مليئة بحيث لا تتسع لذكرك العطر
    لكن اتدرين يا هيا ؟؟
    يكفيكي انك حية في قلوبنا
    برأس السنة ونصف السنة و اخر السنة
    بل كل السنة

    فلا تبالي فكيف من فاز بجنة عند الله العزيز الجبار ان يبالي بذكر عند البشر ؟؟؟
    ولا تبالي ولا تحزني فان لك يا هيا اخت قد لحقتك شهيدة هي اختك لمى

    اذ ان قوة العزيز الجبار منحتك رفيقة لك بالاخرة

    حتى تغنيكي عن كل البشر

    و كل العرب
    فسلام لك يا هيا و يا لمى

    سلام من بعض العرب
    سلام مني اليكم

    و لا تنسي يا هيا ان تدليني اين انسال دمك الطاهر الشفاف
    حتى ان جاء زمن و زرت غزة هاشم استطيع ان اشمه لا بل اتنشقه

    لكن لا تدليني عليه يا هيا فسوف اعرفه و اجده
    هل تعلمين كيف ؟؟
    انه ذلك البستان المزهر بجميع انواع الورود

    انه ذلك المكان الذي روى بدمك الطاهر ضميرا لا بد ان يصحى

    و لا تنسي يا هيا ان تعلميني كيف كنتي شجاعة بما يكفي لتحمل كل تلك الالام
    و كم كنتي بنا نحن العرب ساخرة
    يرحمك الله يا هيا و يا لمى

    فقط انظروا لصورة هيا حمدان تلك الشهيدة ذات ال 11 عاما في جريدة الغد 31/12/2008
    و سوف تعلمون من هي هيا

  11. I am happy that you people have a king like Abdullah II. A king that understands that prosperity and life are better than poverty and death. I wouldn’t ask for more from anyone living East of Israel and West of India.

    Long live the King… may Allah (or whomever, I am not picky) protect him from Islamists and may he have a capable heir.

    Shalom from Israel.

  12. Absolutely hypocrytical.

    That dude holding the flag. What a douche.

    Anyway, what did the ambassador do again? So if we’re pissed at Iran, should we go to Chicago and burn their flag in front of their consulate?

    Then what? lol the guy will go back home? Then what? The nuclear program will magically stop?



    Come ON.

  13. I think the problem is in the leadership (what a surprise, i know) Hamas is unwilling to talk to Israel, Israel is tired of being fired upon so they are doing what they see best to protect their people. I don’t think the Israelis like killing innocent people-the president issued a statement to the Palestinians warning them to get out, because (in his opinion) Hamas is using the Palestinians as a human shield. Israel did give the Palestinians the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Of course they could’ve given more, there’s no doubt about that. But that’s a whole heck of a lot more than other countries would’ve done. The problem is that people look at each other like we’re entirely different species or creatures. WE’RE NOT!!! We are all human beings. Whether under Allah, Or the Christian God, or whoever you worship, we all live and breath the same way. People, i think, should try to remember that more often. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion

  14. TJ,

    That’s the essence of what angers people in that region of the world; Israel has not “given” anyone anything.

    Israel is the alien, the intruder, the army that stripped people of their homes and kicked them off to “two curbs” of their OWN land.

    It is only when the world looks back and realizes this that they will sympathise with Palestinians. The younger generation and media bias seems to have accomplished what Israel wants; making the world think they’ve been there and are getting attacked for no reason.

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