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47 thoughts on “Action Alert! How Jordanians Can Help The People In Gaza!

  1. nice, well it would be nice to finally do “something” once for a chance.. sucks to be freezing, guess they have no heaters at the moment… man Israel is such a ****h

    anyone knows if they have a similar event in Egypt? I live here, but all my extra clothing are at Egypt :(…

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  3. If you haven’t already It might be a good idea to post some fliers in carrefour cozmo safeway..etc. in the shopping aisles and on the entrance so regular shoppers will know and can buy canned goods on the spot. i don’t see why store management wouldn’t cooperate.

  4. Dear Nas, i deeply respect and appreciate you, but allow me to say, and Sorry in advance…
    You know what i think we should do? and by WE i am the first person to do so, i think we should SHUT UP!!! just stop yapping and increasing the amount of futile noise in this world, stop our Hippocratic speeches and our cold sympathy.
    This apply to all of us, those who will sleep in their beds tonight, after having a delicious dinner, those who will call their relatives and loved ones without worrying are they going to be alive on the other side or not, those who are still thinking of where to spend the new years eve, those who looks in their closets and feel sick and tired from that 2 months old shoe or that out-of-fashion coat they have.
    For all -especially me- who sets behind keyboard in warm roams trying to save the world with few mouse clicks and keyboard buttons, for those who whine because their laptop is not windows vista capable, for those who are ready to bomb Master Cards headquarters for blocking their withdrawal.

    For all those who will open their refrigerators looking for milk or a drink and not to identify the body of a relative…for all those, beginning with ME…lets just SHUT UP….

  5. @ma’en: thanks for the comment. while i respect your views i do not agree with them. i never saw silence as the answer to anything other than giving further mandate for those committing the crime.

    i won’t speak for all, but in this specific case, we are trying, with the help of a few mouse clicks, to translate online action in to physical, on-the-ground action. it is something that has worked before, even in Jordan, and will continue to in the future inshallah.

  6. Ma’en ..we are not stopping the bombing, we can’t go there and help what are doing what little is doable…it is not much to you or to us to give away a few things, but to those in dire need it is something. It is a shame that this is all we can do.

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  8. Good news guys, i felt really bitter that i can’t be part of this (although i still feel deeply ashamed and handicapped inside), but i just knew that there’s a similar clothes and food drive in Nicosia, i am taking the rest of the day off, hope to collect enough stuff…
    I’ll be in touch…and Nas, Maha, thx for tolerating my previous post, but honestly i never re-read my posts on black-iris…i just write it as if i am saying it.

    Good Luck.

  9. salam alikum
    1) as i guess also in mahatta street we can give the canned food + blankets as i read yesterday in alrai news paper
    2) 4 blood donation also i read that ppl can donate in : –> مجمع النقابات في الشميساني
    –> مستشفى الأمير حمزة
    best regards

  10. Hey, I just called the phone number you have listed for UofJ hospital and learned it is actually the Jordanian University Hospital (a different hospital, which is on Queen Rania Street) that is taking blood donations for Gaza with that phone number you have posted. I didn’t have time to read all the posts, so I am sorry if someone already mentioned this. I always come to your blog… thank you for answering all of our questions: WHAT CAN WE DO?!

  11. I just came from uni,they were collecting blood there ( that is yarmouk university) there not sure if today or tomorrow will be the dead line.
    im proud to say the numbers where enormous,and people stood in long lines,thnk god,we are still awake!
    i heard there doing that in all university’s…
    still doesn’t seem enough,hold on Gaza

  12. Urgent:
    Please please if you can help us look into the possibility of sending fresh vegetables ( truck loads) to our people in GAZA we can start on that immediatly many farmers in the Jordan valley want to help…..
    please let us know asap if it is possible or it can be arranged.
    my numbers are
    077 77 83 316
    079 68 05 986
    Reyad Masalha

  13. we must all call them ( killers of children ) so as this name stay with them always … we can be the first , but this name will stay tell the end ..instead of calling them israelis why not to start an effort to call them in that name in any occasion ?? ( KILLERS OF CHILDREN ) ??

  14. Thanks for making this opportunity to help widely known. Hope we dont have to keep sending relief but expect it will not be over soon. Many people are ready to keep the trucks full. Just announce the next pick up point/time. God help Gaza’s people.

  15. Man, is it true that only new clothes will be allowed to go through to Gaza? That is really infuriating! We donated a bunch of good stuff that I really hope would have been able to make it there. I know hopefully it will be put to good use here in Jordan maybe, but right now it’s mostly needed there!!!!

    I mean, do they really check if the clothes are new or old? How can they tell anyway?

    I learned about this from the latest update on 7ibr.

  16. Naseem, thank you for launching this initiative, it just shows that when equipped with a strong and noble cause along with a dedicated leadership, wonders can happen. It is truly refreshing to see how sentiments of anger, frustration and sheer sadness can evolve to solidarity and social responsibility. It is not everyday that you see such an enormous amount of energy dedicated to such a cause. This initiative stands as a testament to the fact that our youth is active, driven and engaged, once granted an opportunity.

    I would like to take the opportunity to remind your readers that the work is not done yet. There are plenty more mouths to feed, children to cover and patients to help. Every donation counts and every effort can deliver a strong impact. As part of Aramex’s commitment to alleviating the struggle of our sisters and brothers in Gaza, Aramex is still collecting donations in Jordan and the UAE to deliver hope to Gaza.

    If you’re in Jordan, head to one of Aramex’s offices to drop off First Aid kits, medical emergency supplies, chronic illness medication, personal hygiene products, non-perishable foods, new clothes, tents and blankets.

    Please ensure the validity date is at least 6 months for food and at least 1 year for medicine.

    If you’re in the UAE, head to the following locations to drop off your donations in one of Aramex’s collection bins:

    Mall of Emirates
    Deira City Center
    Sharjah City Center
    Ajman City Center

    Aramex offices in Jordan:

    Khalil El Salem Street, Khalda
    33 Mecca Street, Near Social Security Corporation
    Ameer Mohammad Street, Zarqa
    Malik Faisal Street, Irbid
    Royal Jordanian Building, Haya Roundabout, Aqaba

    Aramex Media Bookshops in:

    Khalil El Salem Street, Khalda
    Thaqafa Street, Shmeisani
    Downtown, 9th Sha’aban Street, towards 1st Circle

    Please visit aramex.com for further information.

  17. hey thnx so much for the info. ->The Jam3eyeh Sharkaseyh in Amman ( 7th Circle ) is Collecting Stuff to send to Gaza, Food , Clothes & so …

    so if anyone of you want to send anything to Gaza , Just Buy it & put it on a Box , & drop it in Al Jam3eyeh Al Sharkaseyeh , & they will send it there enshalah

  18. I too live in the Uk with my 4 month old daughter. I do not have words to express my horror at the deliberate acts of genocide committed by the Isrealis against the people of Gaza, they have murdered innocents,babies just like mine, and should know better, from their own experience wouldnt you think; this is a holocaust just like the one they want us to feel so sorry for.

    Frankly i am sorry my grandparents ever fought to free them in the second world war they would be horrified if they knew; they could have stayed at home and left them to it instead of risking their lives for the Isreali descendants who have evidenced themselves to be murdering brutes.

    In my opinion the Israelis are trespassers in the midst of an attempt to steal even more land; and what will satisfy them? When will they stop? Their attacks on Gaza have been wildly and willfully disproportionate. Inexcusable.

    I wish you all the best you who are helping the people of Gaza. I will keep checking this site; please tell me what can we in the UK do to best help the people of Gaza?

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