Photo Of The Moment: Jordanian Smallest Boy In The World

Jordanian boy Hazem Hawamdeh sits on a scale to show his weight at his home in Jerash December 3, buy viagra 2008. Hawamdeh, online an 11-year-old boy from the northern city of Jerash, could be the smallest boy in the world, weighing 5.6 kg (12 pounds) with a height of nearly 70 cm (28 inches) as his family struggles to solve the mystery of his small size.

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  • Why he is poor kid? just because of his size,he looks normal to me ,if he was big people will throw all kind of adjective and if he is small people will throw all kind of description it’s mind boggling,

    مشان الله حيرتونا ، أرسيلكوا على بر

  • Very cute adorable boy, but WHAT? no diagnosis at all????????????? almashkaly, poor kid because the reality is he’s not physically “normal”, he’s clearly suffering from a disorder that is handicapping his physical capability…which doesn’t mean he’s less of a person than the rest of us.

    I’m curious as to whether any genetic screening was conducted or even offered, I don’t know how available that would be in Jerash. From my limited knowledge it’s a genetic bone disorder…maybe an achondroplasia?

  • in the guiness world book of records there is a Jordanian I cant remember his first name but his surname is Edwan…apparently he is the shortest man in the world (GWBOR claim they have not officially measured him)

    As for the boy above, if it was a genetic problem more than likely one or both of his parents would also be small…
    Usually blood tests are taken to look for hormone and chromosome abnormalities in order to rule out other diseases associated with growth failure.
    A bone age X-ray is be done and MRI scans can check the pituitary gland for abnormalities.

    The underlying cause has to be determined and then treated, I would suggest a possible growth hormone defficiency therefore hormone replacement therapy is possible way of treatment however it is very expensive….a complete clinical hostory is needed to provide a better diagnosis and therefore prognosis.

    @Asoom – Achondroplasia can be ruled out as the boy has limbs that are in proportion with his body in addition the circumference of his head seems normal…genetic tests can determine achondroplasia very easily.

    @MO – Lupus is highly unlikely

  • aha I see…”house”

    However I have just seen the pictures from….seems like the little boy is suffering from a mitochondrial disorder which therefore affects his metabolism and may cause neuro muscular disease that displays slow growth…..inshallah a treatment can be found. may allah be with him and his family.


  • “As for the boy above, if it was a genetic problem more than likely one or both of his parents would also be small…”

    Yazan, all that’s needed for the genetic disorder to be manifested in him is that the 2 parents are carriers which means phenotypically they can be perfectly normal. He doesn’t even need that, it could have been caused by a spontaneous, in vivo gene mutation.

    I have a masters in human genetics and he looks like an achondroplasia patient I’ve seen in the clinic, a growth hormone deficiency makes sense; my point was I’m wondering if any genetic screening has been conducted because thatwould at least give a diagnosis if his disorder is caused by one of the many mutations already identified that cause these disorders. It’s hard for me to think enough has been done and he doesn’t even have a diagnosis.

    Inshallah the photos and story may give the family and boy the right kind of attention!

  • Sounds very similar to the condition of Jyoti – the smallest girl in the world. She has the form of dwarfism, achondroplasia which you guys mention in your comments.

    I’d love to know of Hazem’s everyday life stories and how he leads a functional life in school and at home, hopefully.

  • Achondroplasia patients are obese, and the disease is autosomal dominant so a parent has to be affected as well. Besides the diagnosis is difficult to be missed by any decent pediatrician, and even in JErash they have some decen pediatricians. It doesn’t look like achondroplasia.

  • Whoa, look at this plethora of medical info! I’m truly impressed (although not surprised).

    May Allah be with this sweet little guy and his family, and help them to find treatment so that he can have a fulfilling life. What a cutie.

  • I just hope that media here makes big news of this case and the boy recieves help in fact not just this boy but any under privelaged family should receive some financial help instead of the money going to gifts to foreign countries even if they are small they still add up 😉 …..sorry just wanted to link one story with another

    peace over’n’out

  • He seems very very similar in looks to the primordial dwarfs, does anyone agree? I don’t have a masters in anything, let alone human genetics, but I think he looks like a primordial dwarf.

  • He is VERY likely a Primordial Dwarf. They all tend to look similar, no matter where they are from, and he has the features and the obvious proportionate small size. Nothing can be done to make them any bigger (as it is not growth hormone deficient), but he needs a medical diagnosis because this rare type of dwarfism does have some medical problems that need to be addressed.
    It is a very rare type of dwarfism.

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