On Parliamentarians Selling Their Car Exemptions

The Islamic Action Front (IAF) on Monday expressed concern over news reports of an alleged government decision allowing MPs to sell vehicle customs exemptions. Local dailies reported on Monday that deputies were given the green light from the government to sell the customs exemption they receive on vehicles after assuming their posts at Parliament.

The news was attributed to a parliamentary source, but the government is yet to officially respond to the report. Officials at the Prime Ministry refused to comment on the subject. [source]

These car exemptions should be completely banished. Not for parliamentarians, not for ministers, not for the police, army, or anyone in the public sector. It not only feeds social inequality but encourages the purchasing of cars, which, as any Jordanian stuck in traffic would tell you, is absolutely the last thing we need. It messes with the supply and demand of fuel, places unnecessary burdens on infrastructure, causes traffic, pollution and now, these exemptions have become an instrument of corruption: selling them off to the highest civilian bidder. Legitimizing and legalizing corruption?

It’s simply embarrassing.

Furthermore, government officials, be they elected or appointed, should ride taxis everyday. It would probably do them so good.

UPDATE: even the not-so-right agrees with the Islamists.


  • Thank you Nas.

    It’s about time that someone said something about this issue.

    I find it quite enraging to see our MPs driving BMW’s while Canada’s parliamentarians and ministers drive vans.

    They should try cabs, and buses, maybe even a combination of three; walking to the bus station, taking the bus, and then stopping half-way through to find a cab – endure all this pain in the hot summer and cold winter just to save money!

    Also, I was glad to see the removal of the names of either the Parliament, Senate, and Cabinet Minister of car license plates, although I’m not sure if it was fully implemented as I have seen a couple over the summer.

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