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9 thoughts on “One Wedding And A Holiday

  1. “That was a long holiday. A much-needed one. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their time off from the doldrums of normalcy.” not me, but will be soon, inshalla. I’m so looking forward to finishing finals and getting the heck out of here for three weeks…. and I’ve promised myself that i will sleep nights, LIKE REAL NIGHTS, to overcome this sleep deprivation i’ve been suffering for more than a month..also, I won’t worry about setting my alarm clock, which i actually feel like smashing, during the whole vacation nor will i keep any time telling device within my reach. paper due dates have become my worst nightmares.

    elmuhim, congrats to the bride and groom. bilrafahi wal banat/baneen 🙂

  2. Sara & Saher, mabrook! Both of you were glowing at the wedding.

    Sarsoura, it was as if angels were walking you down to Saher!
    Congratulations on the start of a beautiful life together.

    Beso =)

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