11 thoughts on “The One News Headline I Thought I’d Never Read

  1. Up until yesterday, me thought that the actual “PIRATES” were an extinct type of people. But you live and learn! Ahoy me hearty! shiver me timbers! 🙂

  2. This means people that life is not as it seems , As tracy chapman said , finally the tables have started to turn we’re talking about a revaluation … So If Saudia Arabia is talking to the Pirates to negotiate stolen shipment of Oil , and USA is talking to Iran to negotiate Stolen Technology of Nuclear energy , then God knows what will happen they and similar ones failed …

    Allahom dammer el Pirates wa man walahom… is the next headlines we will read very soon…

    Back when I was a kid , I really wished to be a pirate I even played that pirate game on face book , as silly it is but I enjoyed it , , ,

  3. The head line should be The Saudis are talking to Robin Hood,I say ,it’s only within their right to hijack those vessels ,like one pirates was reported as saying in Al Jazeera “nothing has been left for us ,commercial fishing has devastated our business and our country has been destroyed”.
    Unfortunately , Globalised Mass media does not report what has led to the problem,except for a few such as this article by New York Times

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