• I sure miss Amman’s topography… the way the city can look at itself from so many different balconies and viewpoints, and I miss the winding roads that go up and down… heck… I miss driving in Amman!!

  • Lina…unless new york swallows you whole and you go awol on us…the streets of amman will be waiting for you and your civic.

    (just avoid the off-roading stunts )

  • Maybe its the nice makeup-free view of our beloved Amman that encouraged me to (finally) write something out on this blog, knowing that I should’ve said: “thanks Nas for sharing your thoughts with us” ages ago, but I’ll (once again) blame it on my “I-like-to-listen” (in this case “read”) attitude.
    Loads of interesting articles, and not-surprisingly interesting comments all over, keep it up Nas, God bless.

  • I enjoyed the same views yesterday, driving around town on errands. These late fall days in Amman have such a quality of light, air and energy. The recent rains washed everything clean and the place shines. I fall in love with Amman again every new season. It’s an injection of optimism. Going up and down the hills, I ask myself, how to turn this feeling into something tangible? Still thinking of that but decided it’s OK to enjoy the moment. And I did!
    Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  • in the spirit of first time comments heres minei think that the fakest thing is to feign adornment and surprise whenever a person form amman looks at pictures of down town. i hate these kids who are snapping pics of down town and document their visit by saying oh my god it is so cute and beautiful. i am so cool and different that i visit down town and have to tell everybody about it. it is as if you are pretending to be a tourist in ur own country

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