Technical Difficulties

Apologies for the technical difficulties that took this site offline for the past 24 hours.

I think it’s time for a new theme, and a wordpress upgrade to go with it!


  • I wouldn’t worry much really. The internet connection is so terrible that we could just easily blame Orange! It’s bizarre how one company’s incompetence can cripple an entire country!

  • As an American, the only way Obama can realize his potential is if the entire world, all peoples, accept the concept that everyone deserves the right be who they want to be, without trying to force others to accept their way of life. This is must be accepted by all religions, countries, within countries, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. If we continuen the idea of extracting “Payment” or “Revenge” for wrongs of the past, will do nothing but continue the ugliness of the past.

Your Two Piasters: