Verbatim | Press Freedoms Continue To Decline In Jordan

“Flattery is still the best way to keep one’s job and freedom.”Reporters Without Borders Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2008. Al Arab Al Yawm Editor in Chief Taher Adwan stated that “sometimes it is the administrations of media outlets or their owners who prefer to flatter the authorities in pursuit of their own interests”. Jordan has dropped from 122 out of 169 countries in 2007, sovaldi sale to 128 out of 173 nations in 2008, while in 2006, the index ranked Jordan 109 out of 186 countries. [source]

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  • أين ذهبوا نشامه الوطن والبرالين الجدد،شبعونا كلام ليس له قيمه عن “الاردن اولان” مبين راح نصفي اخر مرتبه

  • There is no Jordanian journalism…respect for Edwan, al Arab al Youm is the only newspaper worth reading. Sijjel isn’t that bad either.

  • “Flattery is still the best way to keep one’s job and freedom.” – even that is proving unreliable. Flatter X today, be damned by Y tomorrow. LOL!

    Responsibility, the waning ingredient in journalism and media, is the salvation out of this rut.

  • hehehe, you made me laugh there…2al journalism in jordan. every source is unidentified, the reporters get the release straight from the police department or the government itself. the biggest sham is the magazines, who take everything copy paste from press releases, and write stories on trash cans and high rises and franchises. it’s so sad!

    but they’re really good to be used as sharshaf touwle hehe.

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