The Houseplant That Could Blog

If an everyday houseplant had the ability to blog, sick what would it say? Unfortunately I have no idea because the houseplant in question blogs in Japanese.

The plant interface system, click which is built around technology developed by Satoshi Kuribayashi at the Keio University Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory, physician uses surface potential sensors to read the weak bioelectric current flowing across the surface of the leaves. This natural current fluctuates in response to changes in the immediate environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, electromagnetic waves and nearby human activity. A specially developed algorithm translates this data into Japanese sentences, which are used as fodder for the plant’s daily blog posts.

Midori-san started blogging about a week ago. So far, the plant’s highly structured posts summarize the day’s weather, temperature and lighting conditions, describe its overall physical condition, tell how much light it received via the user-activated lamp (see below), and explain how much fun the day was. Each post also includes a self-portrait photo and a plant-themed pun (in Japanese), which Midori-san likely did not write. A graph at the top of the sidebar shows the plant’s surface potential in real-time. [source]

Pretty cool, eh?

Although now this has me questioning my abilities as a blogger…


  • WOW, the apex of awesomeness!
    dude, i think you totally should get such blogging plant to blog on those days you skip; like weekends..?LOL But make sure you run whatever it blogs about through google translate! 😛

  • Nas, this is awesome. I second the desire for you to obtain a blogging plant for those days when you are too busy LIVING life to talk about it. But, can we find one that blogs about the Jordanian political and economic scenes. In fact, anytime you want to tackle a sensitive subject perhaps the plant could blog it. It’d give all new meaning to uncomfortable invitations to tea, no?

  • It can be done with almost any plant. You have the system drawn up get any plant create the system and hey you will have a blogging plant. However the science is what the weak bioelectric current flowing across the surface of the leaves actually translates too. The only variable that should be eliniated is the nearby human activity which is a total load of bullshit.
    The communicating plant phenomenon is actually old news nothing new. It’s just the japanese have managed to evolve this so people have something to talk about….

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