Palin Goes On Saturday Night Live!

SNL proves why it is still probably the best political satire on American TV (after the Daily Show). After weeks of being impersonated by Tina Fey, Governor Palin shows up on SNL and watches the impersonation live with show creator Lorne Micheals backstage. Soon enough, Mark Wahlberg shows up looking to beat up cast member Andy Samberg who did a halarious impersonation of him a few weeks ago as well. Tina Fey’s co-star on “30 Rock” and outspoken Palin critic, Alec Baldwin then mistakes Palin for Tina bashing the former right in front of her. That’s just good satire.


  • I have to agree I enjoyed it. But, if I were Palin and trying to reach the SNL audience, I would actually have tried to be funny. While the writers are good, I think she’d have been funnier if she impersonated Tina impersonating her… Just me though. She gets 1/2 point for having the sense of humor to poke fun at herself.

  • I was totally looking forward to this but didn’t get the chance to catch it live. I’m sure I’ll see the other show highlights (if there was more) on youtube. Thanks for the posting this clip!

  • As much as some of what she has said makes me cringe, this election (and SNL) would have been boring beyond belief without her. The rap was hilarious!

    (Mommabean, whoohoo, CATFIGHT!)

  • This was hilarious! I love how Palin is the most comforable candidate. So care-free about her opposition, so indifferent about her attackers and critics.

    I love Palin as a politician and person – I hate that she’s on McCain’s ticket.

    I want her to get 4 years of experience as governor or senator or ANYTHING important before she runs her own ticket!

    She has me in her back pocket!

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