Iranians Devour World’s Longest Sandwich

I found this bit of news pretty interesting. While attempting to create the world’s longest sandwich, a stunt conducted under the guise of encouraging Iranians to eat healthier, Iranians began doing just that. Before Guinness officials could finish measuring, the hungry and chaotic crowd began devouring the rare and expensive ostrich-meat-filled sandwich, completing it in minutes.

These kind of stunts may be easier to do in the US or other fairly gluttonous societies. But in the Middle East, they really don’t stand a chance!


  • Well it doesn’t look like the longest sandwich in the world, it looks to me like a huge number of sandiches lined in a chain…

  • oh great, i can’t wait for all the conservatives in my country to start flipping out about the “iranian sandwich program” and telling horror stories about what the world will be like if ahmedinejad gets his hands on a really big sandwich.

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