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18 thoughts on “How The Eid Holiday Ended With A Bang

  1. He shot her 3 times and they decided it was manslaughter? then I suppose the case could be that…

    1- He wanted to threaten her not kill her but what do you know? The girl ended up dead

    2- He wanted to hurt her without killing her which is not very easy using 3 bullets

    3- He was shooting at someone else and she was on the way

    4- 3 stray bullets. It happens.

    Or, was it manslaughter because he was physically disabled? I’m just curious…

  2. Ola , this is what we are talking about these days , it is a game of Lawyers as you seem to know , but the problem is that , killing a girl for a mistake that she didn’t do or even if she did , is not right , once Omar Ibn el Khattab Caught people who were committing a sexual crime (as he says) he ran to the mosque to issue a judgment on them , one of the Profit’s friend warned him , saying” if you mention their names without bringing four witnesses we will whip you 80 times “, this the punishment of accusing without evidence.
    People have to be taught about this , and if the girl commits anything and someone should be killed for it , it should be the parents not her.
    Let’s wake up…

  3. Apart from statistics (and yes, there are still a few months left to the year Nas), I would be very interested in any reliable research that would pin down the brutality of these crimes. I still cannot get two cases out of my mind. The first was in AlGhad on-line newspaper a few months ago where a brother “drowned” his sister in the Dead Sea by putting his hand on her head as she begged him not to and he simply stood there with his hand on her head and just watched as she slowly died!? How cheap, worthless, and meaningless can human life be? And how easily are these “machos” assuming the role of gods. I am curious if that guy got away with “manslaughter” only? And what would be the rationale for that… she just happened to take a dive in the “DEAD SEA” with his hand on her head?

    The second was in Ammoun only a few weeks ago and was about a mentally disabled woman in Al-Rsayyfeh (or some similar location) who was left to roam the streets and no one in her family seemed to care until someone raped her, then “el sharaf sar ghali ya bouy”…and she was simply killed.

    While I was genuinely shocked by the brutality of both crimes, I was more shocked, no…no, appalled that is, by the comments of on-line readers in both cases… over 90% of the comments saluted the “machos” who carried out both crimes as protectors of honor. Another venue for interesting research?

    Maybe we (those who think these crimes are hideous) live in some ivory towers? After reading those comments, and of course getting sick to my stomach (but it’s one of those things you cannot stop yourself from doing), I think it is no little wonder that public prosecutors adopt their stance… they are after all accountable (AND BELONG) to their constituencies, who believe this is the right thing to do… we need a change in mentality, which we shouldn’t be optimistic about given how things regress rather than progress in Jordan with regards to the perception of women: a woman is either as a virgin or as a whore, and nothing in between.

    What a shame… what a shame for our mother’s generation who fought their way to universities, education, and achievement without losing any aspect of their culture, and successfully fused contemporary values (not necessarily Western) with our traditions…. I see us going back not hundreds of years ago, but thousands, right to the Jahiliyyeh… and that’s when I count my blessings that I don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis, and not face to face… escapism? Maybe, but it’s too big a fight and I do pity women in my culture…

  4. stating the above comment made me realize the problem , in places like ” Al-Rsayyfeh (or some similar location) and its lack of culture , proper education and poverty made most of the crimes take place there , it is not only honor crimes ( which i would rather call dis-honored) it is all sorts of crimes , this is where i would stand and find it is not “macho” issue it is lack of awarness which people like us and l the objectors are responsible for , but i don’t think that Al-Rsayyfeh (or some similar locations) are a healthy place for educated ones who can initiate awarness campaigns… That is what i felt from the above posts…

    Correct me if I am wrong

  5. Why am I not surprised? Am I getting used to it? I do not know what’s more depressing; the fact that cases like this still happen, or that we live in a state of indifference to what happens around us.

    We truly lack respect to the value of humans.

    Time to go back to my bubble 🙁

  6. I know for a fact that it was not the uncle who actually did it, it was the dad and brother, and the uncle stepped forward (no pun intended) because he is handicapped, thus exempting him from serving any time at all.On another note there was absolutely no argument she was shot in cold blood and she didnt even know why.Her family claim that she was seen walking out of a house where a single guy lived, that was enough for her to be condemned.

    And before they’re even sure the girls did it!

    I’m sorry, I’m a very open minded person, but I will NEVER understand why this crap happens without a death penalty or life sentence, hands-down.

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