Bassem Awadallah Resigns!

Royal Court Chief, Bassem Awadallah, has handed in his resignation and HM King Abdullah has accepted it. I think his gravitational pull with regards to controversies has set an interesting tone this past year, let alone the past several years to say the least. I don’t know what this decision means and I’ll leave the speculation to the pundits, which will surely include everything from refreshed charges of alleged corruption all the way to the right wing flank represented by Jordanians finally having their pull.

Right now, the waters are murky and I’ll simply acknowledge that fact.

Awadallah will most likely fill an advisory position. Although, traditionally in Jordan politics, such a position is the political equivalent of showing someone the door, I wouldn’t discount Awadallah just yet.

Not at all.


  • “I think something will hit the fan soon.”

    hahahaha, if that isn’t the quintessential jordanian attitude, I don’t know what is! 😀

  • It is too early to rejoice… take it easy .
    The beduins that did not want him as planning minister , took him back as Finance Minister .
    And when you did not want him at Finance , he came back as Directer of the office of the King .
    And then as Chief of the Royal Court .

    I can assure you that he will be back as PRIME MINISTER .

    Jordan needs him , and not the other way around .

  • After all that was said in the news about Awadallah, I honestly still have no clue what he did right or what he did wrong. All I know is that some people didn’t like him, while some did. The arguments against him were based on accusations of corruption that were never accompanied by any evidence, and the arguments for him were really accusations of sectarianism among those who criticized him.

    I think that makes it a sad state of affairs in this country.

  • I have nothing against the guy. I am sure, just like any other Jordanian official, he is corrupt but i think he did good for Jordan. The country needs him, why ? because it has been a one man show even since he because director of the king’s office. The guy is smart, and I am not sure if the new guy can carry on the load and run the show by himself.

  • “The beduins”
    why do we always have to turn everything into this shitty talk about beduins, i cant underrstand the labelling of originally eastren jordanians as bedouins

  • His excellency Dr. bassem is very smart, and he has played an outstanding role in both the political and the economical sector internally and in the foreign policy as well, all these controversial arguments around him will not change the fact that he is the right man for the job.

  • Dear shadi what job i guess we live in a world of professionalism now right?
    so what job is it his job in planning? or chief of the royal court? awadallah has been working in Jordan since 2000 i think 8 years are more than enough for him whether he did a good job or not i think it is still too early to judge now but what is sure that he should leave because any man whether he;s good or bad if he stays in power too long he’s gonna loose it at the end!!!

  • King Abdullah, Hussein’s grandfather, made it the capital of his new kingdom in 1921. Most of the country’s Bedouins roamed Transjordan’s eastern deserts, proud and hawklike men who scorned as inferiors the Arabs in cities. Allah made the Bedouin and the camel, they were wont to say, and then Allah made the town Arab out of the camel’s droppings.

    Bedouins remain the backbone

  • Dear Ammar, your point is exactly true when we apply this rule in the western world, where even the president of the United States remain only four years in the office (renewable once), but we live in a third world country, where we barley find brilliant people such as Dr. Awadallah and many others, therefore, there is nothing wrong to have him in an influential position not only for 8 years and why not for 20 years, and by the way in his past 8 years he filled more than just one position he went from the economic director at the Royal Court to Minister of finance, to Minister of Planning, to the director of his Majesty’s office, and eventually the Chief of the Royal Court, so he filled many respectful positions, because he actually proved himself successfully, so a man with his knowledge is a valuable assist to the country’s interests, and the question remains, are they going to find someone to fill his place 100 % ? Will His Excellency returns with different title and duties? Is the next one to be in his position will be as professional as he was? All these remaining questions will to be revealed by the future.

  • Shadi
    عوض الله يتحدى مشاعر الاردنيين ببناء قصر تاريخي في منطقة دابوق تجاوزت كلفة تشيده ملايين كثيرة جدا صمم ربما ليكون من عجائب الدنيا السبع..ذلك ليس بالفن المعماري والبذخ الهائل بل عجيبة من عجائب الدنيا السبع ان يقدم السيد عوض الله على ذلك وهو الذي كان قبل اقل من عشر سنوات مجرد موظف بسيط في الدائرة الاقتصادية ومن تلك النقطة ابتسم له الحظ وساعدته مهاراته الفائقة في اجادة مهارات السيرك التي اوصلته بزمن قياسي الى هذا المنصب وقبلها كان ينتقل بخفة ومهارة شبيهة بما يجري في السيرك فمن وزارة التخطيط التي كان فيها عوض الله “الحاكم بامره”باموالها الفخمة التي كانت مخصصة لتطوير مناطق نائية في هذا الوطن المسكين ولا احد يعلم الا الله اين ذهبت الاموال في تلك الحقبة المجهوله وبالطبع لم تلامس فقر الناس في مخيم حطين او القويرة ولا حرثا وغيرها

  • The people that know the man and worked with him , appreciate and respect him .

    The people that never met him are either brainwashed , or feel the inferiority complex .

    If he was a crook , corrupt , or thief , then why build his future palace in Jordan ????

    If he was corrupt , he will wait , keep the money safe , and then quit and live in Switzerland !

    He is building a family in Jordan , because he is looking for the future .

    His confidence is his belief and honesty .

  • Bedouines, Dr. Awadallh is building a house in Daboog, and that’s fact, but this fact is his right for many reasons:
    First, he wasn’t just a simple employee at the economic department at the royal court, he was the head of the economic departmnet.

    Second, his Father Mr. Ibarheem owns a Limousin company in the United States for a long time, thats mean Dr. Bassem comes from a wealthy roots.

    Third, he was awarded many timed by the late King Hussein, God rest his soul many times for his excellance.

    Fourth, many of the people who were entitled with high grade governmental jobs owns many houses and not only inside Jordan but also outside, and no one has come forward and asked them from where?

    Fifth, Someone close to His Majesty must be living in a high standard level of life, so he wont be tempted financially by any of the outside sources, any one close to His Majesty must be satisfied from all aspects due to the high sensitivity of his job role.

    Sixth, I would like to share a little story with you that might explain point number five, ” In a first world country, in the western world, the judges are considered the most sensitive jobs, and therefore the government sends them a blank check at the end of each month and each judge should put the number that satisfies him every month, one day a judge had put a one million $ on the check so they were shocked but they paid it to him because those were the rules of the game, and after they paid him they asked him why did you put such large number for one month pay, he said i was offered a bribery of a house worth one million last month and refused it, and he really wanted the house, so he asked for it legally from the government”.

    The moral of the story is that people at high level jobs are tempted in many ways, and therefore its the government role to prevent this action, how? by satisfying the man in charge.

    Therefore, Gentlemen, and for the above reasons, His Excellency Dr. Bassem is a well educated man, comes from a wealthy background, who had an excellent performance in all tasks, and he was rewarded by the current and the late King many times for his achievements and excellence, by giving him a higher role at the Government or by rewarding him in many different ways.

    Finally, if he wasn’t a competent man, our King wouldn’t let him stay at any of his previous position and the fact that he stayed in the office for more than eight years and more than anyone else, this fact by itself proves that he was more successful than many others.

  • I like the story about the judge , and it came handy to me , I can use it in a problem of mine thanks .

    I must say that Shadi seems to be an educated honest beduin , congratulations .

    Already 30 years ago , when people in Jordan did not know the colour of the dollar , and were watching Abu Awwad …. At that time Awadallah was driving a Rolls Royce , with a number plate , ABE 1, or ABE 2 , belonging to his father .

    I do not know the man , I never met him , but I hate what has been going in your jungle , and I am always on the side of the Underdog .

  • Shadi
    في تمام الساعة العاشرة من صبيحة يوم الاثنين الموافق 29\9 تم الانتهاء من عملية طباعة الملف الخاص بالأخطاء التي ارتكبها باسم عوض الله خلال فترة عمله في الحكومة وتم عرضة على جلالة الملك المعظم فورا وبدون علم السيد باسم عوض الله الذي لم يحضرصباحا كعادته في ذلك اليوم لارتباطه بموعد مسبق خارج الديوان الملكي العامر .

    الملك تفاجأ بمحتويات التقرير وبحجم الوثائق والبراهين والقرائن التي تُدين السيد عوض الله ومصدر المفاجئة هو أن بعض ما جاء بالتقرير كان جلالة الملك قد بحثها مع عوض الله على انفراد في أكثر من مناسبة وكانت إجابات الأخير لجلالته بالنفي المطلق وان هناك مؤامرة من قبل منافسيه لتشويه سمعته أمام جلالة الملك .

    الملك وكعادته ناقش بنود التقرير بتفاصيله مع مُعديه وذلك للتأكد من حياديتهم وبعد انتهاء الجلسة أوعز جلالته للسيد امجد العضايلة بالاتصال مع باسم عوض الله وتبليغه بضرورة الحضور إلى مكتب جلالته على وجه السرعة .

    حضر باسم عوض الله حوالي الساعة الثالثة إلى مكتب جلالته حيث بادره الملك بالقول ” يا باسم كفّيت ووفّيت ” أرجو منك الإيعاز إلى السيد علي الفزاع لصياغة كتابين رسميين الأول موقّع باسمك تطلب فيه الاستقالة والأخر باسم الملك يشكرك فيه على الخدمات التي قدمتها خلال فترت عملك في الديوان وفي بقية المواقع التي تبوأتها .

    فمن كتب هذا التقرير الهام عن عوض الله؟ وما هي أهم البنود التي تناولها التقرير ؟

    التقرير كتب من قبل أحدى اللجان الخاصة التي يتم تشكيلها عادة لمثل هذه الأغراض ويتم اختيارعناصرها من اشد الموالين للنظام والذين لديهم الاستعداد التام للتضحية بأنفسهم من اجل خدمة مصالح الأردن العليا ومصلحة النظام فيه وهم في العادة من كبار موظفي دائرة المخابرات العامة ممن يحملون شهادات متقدمة في إدارة السياسات العامة من اعرق الجامعات العالمية ولديهم دورات مكثفة في إدارة الأزمات وتقدير المصالح العليا للدولة وصياغة الاستراتيجيات وأساليب تقيم القيادات المتقدمة وغيرها من الدورات التي تتعلق برسم السياسات وبناء الاستراتيجيات الوطنية .

    تم تقسيم التقرير إلى عدة فصول تناولت التجاوزات التي ارتكبها عوض الله خلال فترة خدمته في جهاز الدولة من عام 1994 إلى تاريخ إعداد التقرير.

    في الفصل الأول وتحت عنون الإثراء غير المشروع تحدث معدي التقرير وبشكل مفصل عن مجموع الرواتب التي حصل عليها عوض الله خلال فترة عملة بالحكومة وتم عمل تقديراً إحصائياً عن مصادر الدخل الأخرى التي يتقاضاها عوض الله وتبين للمحللين أن هناك غموضا يشوب حجم الثروة الهائلة التي أصبح يمتلكها عوض الله وضرب معدي التقرير المثل بالقَصر الذي بناه عوض الله والذي تكلف 28 مليون دينار أي ما يعادل مجموع رواتب رؤساء الوزراء الأردنيين من عام 1964(السنة التي ولد بها عوض الله أيضا) ولغاية ألان .

    في الفصل الثاني نقرأ عن محاولات باسم عوض الله تشكيل لوبي من قبل المواليين له وذلك على أساس طائفي ضّيق الأمر الذي أدى إلى إعادة إحياء النزعة الطائفية في الأردن بعدما كانت من مخلفات الماضي ويسرد التقرير عدة أمثله على ذلك مثل اختراق باسم عوض الله للجسم الصحفي وتشكيل جبهة تدافع عنه بغير وجه حق وذلك برئاسة المُسترزق بسام بدارين واختراقه لمجلس النواب وتشكيل كتله تدافع عن قراراته المشوبة بشبهة الفساد وذلك برئاسة النائب خليل عطية.

    ويستعرض التقرير في الفصل الثالث منه محاولات عوض الله الاستحواذ على القرارات التنفيذية المهمة في الدولة وذلك عن طريق محاولة التشويش على رئيس الوزراء وذلك من خلال الأشخاص الذي كان له دورا بارزا في تعينهم مثل سهير العلي ومها الخطيب وصلاح البشير وباسم السالم وهالة لطوف واحمد الكاسبة ومفلح عقل . الأمر الذي أدى إلى الارتباك وعدم التجانس داخل مجلس الوزراء

    أما الفصل الرابع من التقرير فيُثبت بما لا يدعو مجالا للشك أن عوض الله قام سرا بالاتفاق مع الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود شهرازي نجاد عباس المشهور ب ابو مازن واليمين الإسرائيلي المتطرف بمحاولة الضغط على الفلسطينيين لقبول فكرة الوطن البديل والتخلي النهائي عن حق العودة ووضع الأردن بموقف لا يستطيع من خلاله رفض تلك الفكرة على أساس مبدأ طِيب العلاقات التي تربط بين الشعبين الأردني والفلسطيني.

    وفي الفصل الخامس من التقرير تجد تفاصيل مُرعبه عن الدور الذي لعبة باسم عوض الله في قضية اتفاق الكازينو الذي كان من المقرر أن يقام على شواطئ البحر الميت حيث خرج التقرير بنتيجة مفادها أن السيد عوض الله هو الذي ورّط الأردن في عقد اتفاقية مجحفة كلفّت الأردن ملايين الدولارات ويشير التقرير بين ثناياه إلى العلاقة المشبوهة التي تربط باسم عوض الله مع المستثمر البريطاني .

    وفي الفصل السادس من التقرير يتحدث مُعدية عن خطأ باسم عوض الله المقصود في أسلوب إدارة الدولة وترويجه وانتهاجه لسياسات عمياء أسهمت مساهمة فاعلة في تفكيك مؤسسات الدولة وتوظيف هذه الأجهزة لصالح رأس المال غير الوطني واستخدامه سياسة الخصخصة كوسيلة للإثراء غير المشروع وأداة لتشويه النسيج الاجتماعي وإيجاد الفوارق الطبقية الأمر الذي اثر سلبيا على مستوى معيشة المواطن الأردني .

    أما الفصل السابع من التقرير فيتحدث بإسهاب عن ضلوع باسم عوض الله بمخططات لصفقات مشبوهة لبيع الكثير من ممتلكات الدولة لصالح مستثمرين أجانب مقابل عمولات محددة سلفا وتشمل هذه الصفقات حسب الوثائق المصدقة والمرفقة مع التقرير عمليات لبيع عشرات الهكتارات من الأراضي في العقبة والبحر الميت وفي قلب العاصمة عمان .

    وفي الفصل الثامن من التقرير هناك شرح مُفصّل وبلغة قانونية واضحة لضلوع باسم عوض الله شخصيا في القضية التي تنظر بها المحاكم الأمريكية والتي تتعلق بالاتجار بالبشر حيث يتهم محامو عائلات عدد من النيباليين إحدى الشركات التي كان يمتلكها باسم عوض الله بالتعاقد مع نيباليين للعمل في الأردن ومن ثم نقلهم قسرا للعمل في العراق حيث اختطفوا على أيدي جماعة إرهابية وجرى إعدامهم فيما بعد.

    أما الفصلين التاسع والعاشر فقد تم تصنيفهما تحت بند سري للغاية ويعتقد أن الفصل التاسع تناول تقديرا أوليا عن حجم الخسائر التي تكبدها الاقتصاد الأردني جراء السياسات والقرارات التي كان يدعمها باسم عوض الله والفصل العاشر احتوى على توصيات لجلالة الملك حول المصير المحتمل لباسم عوض الله.

    وأخيرا لا بد من الإشادة بمأسسة اتخاذ القرارات في الأردن حيث هناك عدد من المؤسسات المتخصصة التي تقدم الأبحاث والدراسات لمتخذ ي القرارات للاسترشاد والاستئناس بها وما قامت به اللجنة الخاصة التي ذُكرت في هذا التقرير إلا مثالا على ذلك . ولا بد من الإشادةِ أيضا بعدم وجود حصانة لأي مسؤول حكومي مهما على شأنه من المساءلة والمحاسبة والتقييم والاستغناء عن خدماته اذا لزم الأمر

  • Abu Mansoor – ابراهيم يوسف البهلوان

    صالات القمار في لاس فيغاس والى الملاهي الليلية تم سجن البهلوان في امريكا بسبب الاحتيال على البنوك وكان باسم عوض الله في السادسة عشرة من عمره

  • Number 22 + 23 .

    You act as the secret agent that knows all !
    Your report is 100% false and wrong .
    The King met with the English delegation , together with Awadallah .

    I am not going to waist my time arguing with a frustrated ***** .

  • Abu SARSOOR.
    سيكون مصيركم مزبلة التاريخ ايها المطبلون ,,,,والراقصون على جراح الامة صحيح انك بتعرف كيف تنقل البندقية من كتف الى كتف..لا ارى في ذلك سوى احد فصول اسكات الصوت الوطني عبر الضرب تحت الحزام

  • If you did not have Awadallah …… Who will you have to attack ?

    Or to blame ?

    Or accuse ?

    And tell me … 28,000,000 Dinar ! for a house in Amman !
    The Hattar stomach idiot said it it costed 11,000,000 Dinars ..
    What happened ?

    Who is the idiot to spend 28,000,000 Dinar to live in a garbage city like Amman ??!!

    With 28,000,000 Dinar , he will have the best palace in Beverly Hills ( Sharon Stone included.. )

  • I assume that the writer of comment no 21 is the same one who wrote that “secret report” given to the King? Otherwise there is no way that a “thid party” could have known about it!
    For me I will wait eagerly to see how the magnitude of the anti-corruption campaign in Jordanian media will continue after the resignation. I guess it will immediately stop!

  • Abu sarsoor

    a garbage city like Amman??!!نذل yor are the garbage enta wa 3iltak wa 3awadalah


  • معركة ام الكراسي ألأردنية says:

    معركة ام الكراسي ألأردنية

    نحن عشنا مئات السنين نفترش الارض ونلتحف السماء في بيوت شعر واكلنا من حلالنا رافعين رؤسنا دوما الجود والكرم من عاداتنا نحن الان لسنا بحاجه لباسم او لغيره لا نريد للطفيلة ان تصبح شيكاجو او معان تصبح تكساس او الكرك تصير لاس فيغاس الكرامة اهم شي وهذا الذي بقي لنا واي شي ممكن ان نساوم عليه الا كرامتنا هذي خطنا الاحمر ما حد يقربه. الله يديم ابو حسين شيخ الهواشم وشيخنا الله يحيه وينصره


    wow…and here i thought taking a day off on eid would be alright, given that it’s eid and people would be in a more peaceful mood.

    i’ve read most of the comments and i will say this.

    a lot of you people are idiots. not all of you, but a lot of you. and please note that i use this word because it’s been used several times throughout this very discussion that i’ve had to edit out.


    because, in a thread of comments arguing corruption and law and accountability and God knows what, few of you have little respect for the simple policy of this simple little blog: no profanity or insults directed at one another, and no baseless character assassinations. the context of your comments is asking the high law of the land to prevail yet here, a simple policy is ignored.

    perhaps the label idiot is a bit harsh, but the second best word that came to me was “children” and given that most of you seem to have some grasp of the arabic and english language, as well as the computer skills to post a comment, i’m guessing the word “children” just doesn’t fit. however, to their credit, children do often times use insults, lies and crying in order to get their point across, so some of you might qualify there.

    So let me say this loud and clear for everyone to hear because evidently you’ve proven to me that the only way to get one’s point across is through insults…

    If you feel that you don’t have the sophistication or maturity to articulate your argument without insulting others and without assassinating that character of people by producing no evidence at all to backup your claim, then please withdraw immediately from this blog and find another virtual playground to play on.

    because evidently you’re here to argue when this is a place for debate.

    use it, don’t abuse it.

  • May I ask the gentlemen who criticize and insult Dr. Awadalla to provide us with the resources and evidence they based their opinion on.. (Especially Mr. Shadi “No. 22”)
    I am quite interested, especially after I read His Majesty’s Letter to Dr. Awadalla when he accepted his resignation that showed a lot of respect and appreciation to the work he has done.

  • The man of number 22+23 is a coward journalist of of a jordanian internet newspaper . ( I know who is he exactly , and can give you his number . )
    This coward cannot write what he thinks about in a correct journalistic way , so he uses your website to deliver his poison .
    And he puts his back and ass to the wall , protecting himself by adding and repeating praise for the king and mukhabarat .

    These are the people that will bring you back to the stone age .

    Dr.Awadallah brings you to Bill Gates , and brings you fat cheques .

    Hattar , Sakajha , Roussan , and these primitive backward gangs , bring you back 1900 .

  • Akoor , Haiari , and the two deputies fighting with orange juice in parliament … is the Jordan you will have without Awadallah .

    Let Awadallah go , he will live like a King in any country .

    And let us see who will fill the gap .

    ( And you will have no more internet , or heated discussions . )

  • “Let Awadallah go , he will live like a King in any country “Abu Mansoor
    Off course he will live like a king in any country,after all his pockets are full of cash.

  • Go , go , and keep singing … Hashimi hashimi …..
    Saddam had a 99% approval rating before he went .
    And … then .

    All your kingdom , and your existence … is in the hands of an idiot sitting in Washington .

    Come on … you are the muppiest country in the region , and without begging , you have nothing .

    So stop this nationalistic stands .

  • First, to Tamer, please note that I am supporting Dr. Bassem, not the other way around, so please redirect your question to the concerned individual.

    Second, to the Administrator of this site, I would like to thank you first for the site. I know that this discussion or argument is a little aggressive, but please, unless people start talking freely about whoever they want whenever they want, we cant have full Democracy as long as what we say is supported by evidence, I would ask you kindly to let the all parties speak freely, we cant control the language, but even in the United States, which is ruled by the people (Full Democracy) can criticize the former and the current administrtaion freely even when using unappropriated language, Thanks once again.

    Third, to Abu Mansoor, we are one the same channel and I agree on about everything you have said except about Amman part, I was raised in the US but i currently live in Amman-Jordan my hometown where i wish one day to make a difference in here under the Wisdom and Leadership of our beloved Monarch, His Majesty King Abdullah, God Bless Him. In my opinion Amman, the most beautiful place to live, however the weather is cloudy now, which makes it even more perfect to me! Life right now is very well.

    Forth, to my fellow debater Bedouins (with an “S”), I respect everything you have said. I will not argue or wonder how and from where did you get these information’s, because that’s not what i care about, the most important thing to me is the information’s inside the file. its not what we know its what we can prove. and your language sounded like you know exactly what you are talking about and your source is powerful. I will state to assumption in this case:

    First, the first assumption is that everything you have stated is 100% accurate and can be proven be documents and supported by evidence, because again its not what we know, its what we can prove, so if His Excellency was guilty as charged, isn’t he going to be charged and interrogated by the Federal and the Intelligence Agency in Jordan or are they going to let him just walk away?? And after he is interrogated and accused, isn’t his right to go to court and have a trial and have the right to defend him self as his right as a citizen of Jordan, and let our decent Judicial system decide whether he is guilty or innocent.

    My second assumption is, if all of the above are false accusation that were scenario-typed and invented by the people gossips and their illusion conclusions, and hate him because he is Palestinian origin (which i hope will move forward one day and pass this ideology), or envy him because of his successful career, then Dr. Bassem will be returned to the Government, and / or we will see him establishing a giant cooperation’s and a multi-million Dollar businesses from the Money he legitimately generated over the past years (we will say Legitimately because nothing was proven in this assumption) , and will support the Jordanian economy, and will bring more investments to the Jordanian market, and will eliminate the out of jobs people percentage, because he will be hiring peoples from all sectors, therefore he will directly and indirectly support the Jordanian economy and will make difference in people lives.

    I’m just a Jordanian man, who admire Dr. Bassem success and achievements, as I am inspired by influential men who gained the trust of his Majesty, and i wish one day to have the chance to be part of the team who cares most about this country as my Loyalty to Jordan is infinite and my love for His Majesty the King is tremendous. God Bless Jordan and our King.

  • Mr.Shadi… I feel sorry for your time and energy , trying to clean animal **** with a Hermes silk scarf.

    As for Amman . The truth that I was never in my life in Amman .

    As for your aspirations to go back to Jordan and work there , I suggest that you do it if your standard is medium minus , and have some beduin connections , but if you are successful , and intelligent ( as it seems ) , then stay where you are .

    What kind of democracy , self esteem do you have…… when you are always licking asses and praising your monarch , after every sentence ???

    Respect is good … but learn to get out of this shadow , be yourselves and be afraid … only .. only .. from YOUR GOD .

    Arabs in general , and Jordanians in particular are midgets under the feet of your kings .

    Why ?

    What big thing did he do ?

    Liberate what ?

  • I would like to share this article, when His Excellency Dr. Baseem were appointed as the Director of his Majesty’s office, and after Dr. Bassem resignation as a planning minister, and all the controversial issues around him, the King sent him a letter stating his effort and his achievements, then shortly after His Excellency was appointed as the Director of His Majesty’s office. Now as we all know history repeat it self. Please read the article:

    لا يوجد شخصية على الساحة الأردنية مثيرة للجدل أكثر من باسم عوض الله،، ذهب وعاد واستقال وأقيل وقامت القيامة ضده في أوساط النواب والأعيان وفي أوساط كثيرة، لكنه هذا الأكاديمي الإصلاحي الشاب ظل مخلصا لمهماته داخل مؤسسة الحكم أو خارجها وكأنه يرد على مناهضيه كافة من مختلف المدارس الأردنية السياسية وصالوناتها المرفوضة من جانب القيادة العليا بالقول “علينا أن نسأل أنفسنا ماذا أعطينا للوطن حتى يعطينا، ومن ثم خدمة الوطن والإخلاص له ليس شعارات وإنما العمل الدؤوب”. وفي عهد حكومة عدنان بدران الراحلة قبل عام، استقال باسم عوض الله من بعد “ضجة لم تكن محسوبة النتائج من جانب نواب العريضة ذات التوقيع من جانب 47 برلمانيا تنتقد أداء الفريق الاقتصادي في الحكومة الذي كان يقوده عوض الله”ØŒ وكان أن استقال من منصبه كوزير للتخطيط.

    لكن الملك عبدالله الثاني عاهل الأردن لم يترك رجله الإصلاحي وحيدا في مهب الريح البرلمانية الشرسة التي كادت أن تعيد المملكة الهاشمية الى خمسين عاما إلى الخلف.

    وبادر الملك الهاشمي على الفور بتوجيه رسالتين مهمتين، أحداهما إلى رئيس وزرائه الأكاديمي والعالم والمثقف عدنان بدران رفض فيها “اغتيال الشخصية”ØŒ والثانية إلى الوزير الشاب المستقيل من وزارة التخطيط باسم عوض الله “مثنيا فيها على أدائه وعطائه لوطنه”ØŒ وتمنى الملك لعوض الله راحة في منزله وحياته الشخصية “إلى أن يأتي الظرف المناسب”.

    وفعلا، أوفى الملك عبد الله الثاني بوعده لوزيره المخلص ومساعده الوفي لسنوات طويلة، منذ قبل اعتلاء الملك عرش أجداده العام 1999 ، حيث صدر المرسوم الملكي قبل أيام بإعادة الوزير عوض الله إلى الواجهة من جديد ولكن أين؟ . كما عين الدبلوماسي الهادئ فاروق قصراوي مستشاراً له.

    فالملك الأردني عين باسم عوض الله مديرا لمكتبه الخاص، وهو منصب مستحدث ومستجد على الساحة السياسية والاقتصادية وحتى الاجتماعية الأردنية، ويبدو أن الملك وجد الفرصة سانحة مع الأداء الرفيع لحكومة الاستراتيجي العسكري الصارم الدكتور معروف البخيت، مناسبة متاحة التنفيذ لإعادة الوجوه الإصلاحية إلى موقع تنفيذ القرار.

    ويرى مراقبون للشأن الأردني من الداخل، أن القرارات جاءت لتصب في خانة ما كان يريده الملك عبدالله الثاني منذ سنوات بعيدا عن “كلام الصالونات السياسية التي يتعهد خطاباتها كل وزير أو مسؤول يترك منصبه لفشل ما او فساد تورط فيه ليلقي باللائمة على الآخرين من القيادات الشابة الجديدة”.

    وفي كلام لـ (إيلاف) عبر الهاتف من المنامة ولندن إلى عمان حيث تحتضن دائما أحداثا ساخنة مهمة تشكل محركا طبيعيا لتطورات الشرق الأوسط لتكون أداة فاعلة فيها فلسطينيا وعراقيا وسوريا ولبنانيا ØŒ مع عدد من المهتمين في الشأن الداخلي الأردني، رأوا أن “عودة باسم عوض الله إلى الواجهة من بوابة القصر الملكي مديرا لمكتب الملك الخاص وهي ليست وظيفة بقدر ما هي مسؤولية كبيرة، تشير إلى أن الملك بعد أن رتّب الوضع الأمني في قيادة دائرة المخابرات العامة وهي الذراع القوي الضارب، يجد الفرصة مناسبة في ترتيب علاقات ديوانه الملكي مع السلطة التنفيذية التي يقودها رئيس الحكومة معروف البخيت، الذي يتميز بعلاقات خاصة وتفاهمات مسبقة مع الزير العائد مديرا لمكتب الملك، باسم عوض الله”.

    يذكر أنه طالما كانت التناقضات بين رجال القصر الكبار والسلطة التنفيذية بوابة واسعة “لأصحاب الصالونات السياسية لإثارة الشائعات التي عطلت كثيرا من القرارات العليا”. وهنا يشار إلى أن العاهل الأردني كان تخلص بإقالات جماعية من عشرة من المستشارين في القصر الملكي، وهوعمد أيضا إلى تعيين مدير جديد للمخابرات العامة هو اللواء محمد الذهبي وكذلك إلى تعيين رئيس جديد “محايد وهادئ ومخضرم للديوان الملكي” هو العسكري الفريق السابق في الجيش سالم الترك.

    ويُعتقد أن الفريق سيتفرغ لعلاقات الملك الأردني مع المواطنين في مختلف مواقعهم، بينما سيتفرغ مديرمكتبه الخاص الجديد الإصلاحي باسم عوض الله لترتيب العلاقات مع السلطتين التنفيذية وخاصة الفريق الاقتصادي ونجوم الإصلاح فيها والتشريعية المتمثلة في مجلسي النواب والأعيان الذي يشهد هو الآخر وللمرة الأولى صعود وجوه جديدة من رجال الإصلاح.

    وكان العاهل الاردني الملك عبد الله سالم الترك خلفا لرئيس الديوان الملكي السابق فيصل عاكف الفايز، ومعروف البخيت سفير الاردن السابق في اسرائيل خلفا لمدير مجلس الأمن الوطني سعد خير. ولكن بعد شهرين تم تعيين
    البخيت رئيسا للوزراء في قرار كان مفاجئا لجميع الأوساط السياسية الأردنية.

    وكان معروف البخيت، البالغ من العمر خمسة وخمسين عاما، عمل قبل ذلك سفيرا في أنقرة ثم لدى إسرائيل لمدة سبعة أشهر. وكان مديرا للتخطيط والتنظيم في الجيش العربي ومستشارا في المخابرات العامة ونائبا لرئيس الجناح العسكري في جامعة مؤتة في جنوب الأردن. أما اللواء المتقاعد سالم الترك الذي خلف فيصل الفايز رئيسا للديوان الملكي فكان من ألمع ضبّاط القوات المسلحة، بحسب رفاقه في الجيش. وقبل أن يتقاعد عمل مساعدا لرئيس هيئة أركان الجيش للإدارة وبعد التقاعد عين محافظا للعقبة جنوب الأردن ومدير مؤسسة المتقاعدين العسكريين.

    يشار ختاما، إلى أن المرسوم الملكي الذي صدر في الصيف الماضي كان أقال المستشارين في الديوان الملكي الآتية اسماؤهم في أكبر عملية إقالات في التاريخ الأردني: الشيخ أحمد هليل الذي احتفظ بمنصب إماما “للحضرة الهاشمية”ØŒ المشير سعد خير، يوسف الدلابيح، عقل بلتاجي، سيما بحوث، هاني الملقي، ابراهيم الدرة، تحسين شردم، ومحمد يوسف الملكاوي.

    Regardless what people gossip, he has been and will always remains the outstanding contributor to our politics and economics.

  • And to make myself more clear in term of History repeat it self: the following article takes place:

    حسم العاهل الاردني الملك عبدلله الثاني جدلا متواصلا منذ اكثر من خمسة اشهر في الاردن بان اقال امس رئيس الديوان الملكي الدكتور باسم عوض الله من منصبه اعتبارا من الاربعاء مع رسالة ملكية ‘تتمسك’ بمنهجية عوض الله وتعده ضمنيا لتسلم موقع اخر في الدولة في وقت لاحق، حسب الحيثيات التي وردت في نص القرار الملكي.
    ولاحظ المراقبون الاثنين بان الملك عبدالله الثاني استرسل في الاشادة بعوض الله ومزاياه الابداعية قبل قبول استقالته رسميا، واكد الملك بان عوض الله الذي اثيرت حوله عاصفة من الجدل مؤخرا سيبقى قريبا في كل الاحوال وسيحظى بثقة القصر الملكي فيما تساءلت مصادر رسمية عن عدم وجود نص يعفي عوض الله من مهام اخرى تتعلق بالمكتب الخاص للملك.
    وتعكس الرسالة الملكية بان عوض الله سيبقى من الشخصيات المتنفذة جدا حتى خارج المنصب الرسمي حيث اعتبر دوما من اقرب الشخصيات للملك خلال الاعوام التسعة الماضية ومن المرجح ان يحتفظ عوض الله بملفات خاصة لها علاقة بالقصر الملكي واعمال الملك حتى بعد خروجه من موقعه الرسمي.
    ومن المقرر ان يحتفظ عوض الله بموقعه كنائب لرئيس صندوق الملك عبدلله للتنمية وهو مؤسسة وطنية مهمة تشرف على عشرات المشاريع داخليا ودوليا، وقبل اقالته بايام وقع عوض الله بهذه الصفة اتفافية دولية لعقد مؤتمر دافوس المقبل في البحر الميت.
    وتقول المصادر ان مساحات عمل خاصة يقوم بها عوض الله لن تتاثر بتنحيته عن رئاسة الطاقم الملكي فالرجل يتولى مهام خاصة اصلا ويشرف على اتصالات القصر بالعشرات من الهيئات والمؤسسات الدولية وله دور كبير في اسقطاب الاستثمارات من الخارج.
    ويعتقد ان عوض الله يقترب بخروجه من الديوان الملكي للعودة رئيسا للوزراء بعد اسابيع او اشهر على امل ان يحصل خصومه السياسيون على فرصتهم في العمل في ظل عدم وجوده لمعالجة المشكلات الاساسية التي يتعرض لها الاقتصاد الاردني.
    وخرج عوض الله من منصبه بعد اسابيع مريرة من الجدل العاصف كان بطلها الرئيسي حيث نشرت ضده وخلافا للتقاليد عشرات المقالات، ووصفته عضو في البرلمان بانه ‘كوهين’ واتهم ضمنيا بمحاولة السيطرة على الحكومة من خارجها وبتاسيس وزارة ظل في القصر الملكي، كما اتهم برعاية وتوقيع وثائق سرية لها علاقة بمستقبل العلاقة الاردنية- الفلسطينية وبتاييد مشروعات لتوطين اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في الاردن .
    وطوال اسابيع واجه عوض الله سيل الاتهامات بصبر وصمت شديد ولم ينبس بكلمة واحدة رغم ان العاهل الاردني دافع عنه في مقابلة عامة رافضا تحميله مسؤولية الاجتهادات والخطط الحكومية، واثيرت حول عوض الله ودوره في البلاط الملكي واروقة الحكم قضايا وملفات عديدة حسمها الملك عمليا امس باعلان قبول استقالته.
    وطوال العهد الجديد بقيادة الملك عبدلله الثاني كان عوض الله من اهم صناع القرار التنفيذي وسبق ان طارده نواب في البرلمان متسببين بخروجه من وزارة المالية بعد وزارة التخطيط، لكن احتفاظ الملك به في قصره لم يعفه من معارك واقاويل واتهامات طالته على مدار عدة اشهر.
    ولم يتم الاعلان رسميا امس عن خليفة عوض الله في موقعه لكن التوقعات تشير لاحتمال تعيين الوزير الاسبق ناصر اللوزي في هذا الموقع مع ان الاخير نفى في اتصالات مع صحافيين علمه بهذا الترشيح او التعيين، ومع ان تقارير محلية رجحت تعيين رئيس الوزراء الاسبق طاهر المصري في الموقع الا ان رئيس الديوان الاسبق فيصل الفايز من المرشحين الاقوياء لنفس الموقع اصافة لرئيس الاركان الجنرال خالد الصرايرة اذا ما تقرر وصول موجة التغيير الى المؤسسة العسكرية.
    ويتضح من النصوص الملكية بان عوض الله سيغادر موقعه رسميا الاربعاء ثاني ايام العيد مما يعني بان مراسم العيد الملكية ستنظم بوجوده. وبات واضحا ان خروج عوض الله من القصر الملكي اعقبه دخول الاعلامي المخضرم ايمن الصفدي المحسوب على نفس التيار الاصلاحي مستشارا للملك سيكون على الارجح مسؤولا عن ملف الاعلام الامر الذي قد ينتهي ايضا بخروج الوزير المستشار امجد العضايلة المسؤول الاول للاعلام، في الديوان الملكي والقريب جدا من عوض الله.
    ويتردد في السياق ان طاقما جديدا تماما سيعمل في القصر الملكي مما يعني ايضا اختيار رئيس جديد لجهاز التشريفات الملكية خلفا للشريف محمد الهيمق الذي تتحدث بعض الانباء عن رغبته في الاستراحة ومغادرة الوظيفة.
    وخرج عوض الله بعد تجاذبات حادة مع البرلمان والصحافة صاحبتها خلافات في الاجتهاد فيما يبدو مع المؤسسة الامنية، ومع ان خروج الرجل من موقعه سيطرح تساؤلات في الابعاد الاجتماعية الا انه سيدفع الاجواء العامة ‘للاسترخاء’ قليلا بعد مرحلة شد وجذب كادت تطيح بالخطوط الحمراء وبتقاليد العمل والعلاقة بين مراكز القوى والنفوذ.

    Thank you very much, His Excellency Dr. Bassem proved himself, and as we know action speaks louder than words.

  • ولا جاب خميرة غير قضية الاتجار بالبشر والله اذا بصل امريكيا راح ينمسك بالمطار وينحط بنفس الزنزانه اللي نسجن بها والده.

    امريكيا فيهاش لحية مشطة قبل سنه سجنوا امير سعودي وامراته بسبب التجار بالبشر

    اذا انك زلمه يا باسم تعال زور ابوك في امريكيا وشوف شوه بده يصير لك

    العقيد أبو شهاب

  • Shadi
    والله ما جابلة الدور غير جريدة القدس العربي التي تمول من اسرائيل وخصوصا مندوبها بسام عمارين الذي عمل باسم عوض الله محل رب العالمين وانه لولا ابن هالحرامي غير الاردن يقتلها الجوع

    هذا درس لكل مسئول حكومي بحاول ان يجند صحفيين لتلميع صورته وخاصة في الصحف المشبوهه
    فروح يا باسم عوض الله خلي بسام بدارين والصهيوني عبدالباري عطوان يفيدوك الان

  • Its a real pity seeing you guys talking about mlokhyeh and mansaf and bedouins.

    Shame on you.

    and someone thought the country was progressing…

    Just proves someone’s argument that i regretfully argued against for hours… cant change a thing about someone..

    endless shame. disgraced to share a country with you….

    thanks god i have a second nationality…

  • I think dabtes and arguments does occur in the first class nations such as Europe, and we all remember England prime Minister Tony Blair and all the controversial arguments around him, and in the United States about Bush, Obama, Maccain and many others. there is nothing wrong when people share their opinions and debate over political issues especially if it all was a constructive criticizem, and there is nothing wrong by changing peoples point of views regarding wrong ideologies that is based from the false Media. As a matter of fact these types of discussions that will always progress and will make our beloved country move forward, so please i want you guys to know something I’ve learned from one of the great speeches by His Majesty, and i wish you you read between the lines. I learned not to speak unless we can improve on silence.

  • Dear Aqeed Abu Shhab, If you been following the news you would know that His Excellency was in the United states last month when his majesty delivered a speech at Aspen institute, so if the America I know so well a country which doesn’t care about anyone regardless of who he is and where he’s from let a wanted man enter the American soil legally without arresting him or questioning him, then with all the respect sir what you have stated are wrong accusations and free from the truth.

  • يعني يا اخوان حضرتكم اعرف بمصلحة الوطن اكثر من الملك عبدالله؟ واذا رد جلاله الملك كان كالتالي, اعتقد انو جوابه هو فقط الصحيح Ùˆ ما في داعي للتجريح واستخدام اسلوب “لما وقع الجمل الكل بلش طعن” ونص قبول جلالة الملك لاستقالة باسم عوض الله:

    معالي الأخ الدكتور باسم عوض الله حفظه الله،

    أبعث إليك بأطيب تحياتي وخالص أمنياتي بدوام الصحة والسعادة والتوفيق وبعد،

    فقد عرفتك منذ سنين خلت، شابا متحمسا للعمل والعطاء، ومؤمنا بضرورة التغيير والتحديث ومواكبة روح العصر.

    وكان أن عهدت إليك خلال هذه السنوات بعدد من المواقع المتقدمة والهامة، والمناصب الرفيعة، وقد كنت كما توسمت فيك، مثالا للعمل المخلص الدؤوب، والكفاءة العالية، والقدرة على تحقيق الإنجاز، والتميز في الأداء والعطاء.

    وإنني إذ أعرب لك عن بالغ تقديري واعتزازي بما قدمت وأعطيت لوطنك، في كل المواقع التي حللت فيها، والمهام التي نهضت بها، لأؤكد على أن هذا العطاء المتميز هو أيضا، موضع الاحترام والتقدير، من قبل كل المنصفين، من الذين عملوا معك، أو عرفوا مدى إخلاصك وتفانيك في عملك، وخدمة وطنك.

    أما اليوم وأنت تغادر موقعك كرئيس لديواننا الملكي الهاشمي العامر، لتأخذ نصيبك من الراحة، أو لتنتقل إلى موقع آخر من مواقع العمل والعطاء، فإنني أؤكد على أنك ستظل موضع الثقة والاحترام والتقدير، وستظل قريبا منا كما كنت على الدوام.

    فبارك الله فيك وجزاك عما قدمت وأعطيت لوطنك خير الجزاء.

    وأسأله تعالى أن يحفظك ويرعاك، ويمتعك بموفور الصحة والسعادة والتوفيق.

    اعتقد ان من منضمون رد جلاله الملك كان كافي و وافي فيما يتعلق بنزاهة واخلاص باسم عوض الله , واذا في خدا عندو اعتراض على كلام ابو حسين يتكلم.. اما شعب!

  • “Regardless what people gossip, he has been and will always remains the outstanding contributor to our politics and economics.”

    Shadi ,,what the hill are you smoking man ?it’s got to be very good,This Dode, the so called Awadallah,he is nothing but a crook who sold our national assets in auction and implemented of what i call, a casino economic,so shadi do ME a favore when try to write something,SO please THINK before you TOUCH THE KEY BOARD ………

  • I keep on hearing he sold, sold, sold…can anyone please explain to me how would an individual sell a governmental assists without the approval of:
    1. His Majesty
    2.The Government
    3.The Parliament

    Gentlemen, When anything related to the Government, its not a one man decision, it takes a lot of time and a lot of planning to proceed with these high level decisions. and I would like to share with you some of the statements by his Majesty about selling the lands.

    Q: Perhaps when it comes to the government’s investment promotion strategy, part of the controversy lies in the sale of government land to private sector investors. In your opinion is that something that is appropriate for the government to do?

    A: The simple answer is yes, but only after careful scrutiny. I come from a military background and my instinct is to be extremely protective of public assets. I have listened really carefully to some very emotional arguments against the sale of government land; some will have us believe that government land is holy and should never be sold. They want me to use my powers to prevent the government from selling any of its land. I personally read a lot about the issue and consulted many experts; more importantly, I looked at how countries across the world deal with this issue. Selling government property, including land, is common practice across the world. There are many instances when government land should not be up for sale and I will talk about them later.

    Land is one of the key components of production, that is used across the world and over different eras, to develop, modernise and build the future for generations to come. I believe that investing in part of government land, whether through sale, rent or partnership, is a legitimate option for the government as long as the proceeds are invested for public use and for the use of future generations. In order to do that it can either raise taxes, take on debt or sell government assets. This is how governments across the world operate; they usually use a combination of all three methods. Not to allow Jordan to use a major source of government financing that all governments use will put us at a disadvantage.

    For example, selling government land to pay off international debt, which Jordan recently did, has saved current and future generations from paying high interest payment on the debt and has made Jordan’s debt rating more attractive for international investment. And again I want to remind people that we have paid off $2.4 billion of our debt this year, which resulted in reducing the percentage of international debt to the GDP from 46 per cent to 29 per cent.

    This is a very legitimate use of land sale, and governments across the world do it all the time. Selling government land to build a school or hospital that will serve many generations to come is of course another very legitimate option. Also, making government land available for private investment in order to create jobs and help reduce poverty is yet another legitimate use of government land sale. For example, allowing the private sector to build hotels on government land at the Dead Sea and in Aqaba or anywhere else in Jordan to encourage tourism and create jobs should be welcome. Often governments give investors land at subsidised prices in order to attract them to areas that otherwise would be unattractive to them. Moreover, in order to hedge their bets, sometimes governments enter into joint ventures with the private sector to develop government land. This is a method that has been used extensively and successfully in Jordan; in Abdali, Zarqa and Aqaba. When the government sells land to Jordanian, Arab or foreign investors, it maintains its sovereignty over the land, and the land will neither leave the country’s border nor be wiped off the country’s map.

    Let us also remember, that just like selling land the government can also buy land. If in the future the government sees fit, it has broad powers to buy land it deems will benefit the public as long as it compensates the owner fairly and in accordance with the law. And governments across the world do that all the time. I am saying this because some are painting government sale of its assets in a non-reversible doom and gloom scenario whereas in fact the government has many options in the present and the future. These options are adopted on a daily basis by governments all over the world.

    Compared to other nations, in Jordan, we have a large percentage of land owned by the government, estimated at 80 per cent. This is considered to be relative high compared to other countries. In the West, for example it is 30 per cent. This represents an opportunity especially in light of the high level of interest in Jordan these days.

    What I am trying to say, is that the debate should not focus on whether the government has the right to sell public land or any other public asset for that matter, because it obviously does have the right to sell land, but how the proceeds from the sales are used? If the process is transparent, and if the benefit of selling outweighs that of maintaining ownership, then this represents an opportunity that the Jordanian people should benefit from. To this end, I have recently set up a committee to scrutinise and evaluate any potential land sale deals that are tied to military land.

    Moreover, I welcome, and indeed encourage, public criticism when it comes to the question of transparency and to whether some government assets should indeed be sold. In any country, sale of government assets is usually controversial. But currently the level of debate in Jordan has dropped to unacceptable levels with overdramatisation, rumours and opinions that are based on total ignorance of the issues; to the point where, even mature and lucid criticism is drowned out by rumours and ignorance.

  • Shadi,, First,Government land does not necessarily constitute or be describe as public assets or for that matter public sectores, just to name few the phosphate company,Cement,communication,water,Aqaba port and electricity are not owned by the government but the public that paid for it and financed t for long time,we are not taking about plot of land but public assets that have been built financed and sustained by your father and mine for long time.
    Second ,the king has no right to sell our assist because is not his business or the so called rubber stamp Parliament that was voted in by big business and government .
    Third,,neither you and your family nor Iam or my family had the right to vote on referendum to sell our assets and if the government today, hold a referandum, I can assure you 95% of the public will reject the idea and turn it much so for your democracy…..

  • we now see those who oppose economic openness are more vocal in their criticism of government economic policies even though they do not have a viable alternative and cannot point to one anywhere in the world.

    There is something I want all Jordanians to understand. Even with our diversification away from oil, our fuel bill has gone up from JD400 million in 2004 to an anticipated JD3,000 million this year. This means that a lot of foreign currency is leaving the country and we have to make up for it. There are four main ways we can bring foreign currency into the country: Remittances from Jordanians working abroad, exports, tourism and foreign investments. We can increase Jordanians’ remittances by investing in education and increasing exports by having a friendly business environment for local and foreign investors; we increase our tourism revenues by promoting Jordan through initiatives like Jordan Festival and by making government land available for touristic development as in Aqaba and the Dead Sea; and we increase foreign investment through privatisation and everything else I mentioned. Previous governments have done just that, and this is what is allowing our foreign reserves to increase despite having to pay for the increased fuel bill.

    There are some, today, who are willing to question all the tools that have been used by previous governments to avoid disaster. They are against foreign investment, they are against privatisation, they are attacking Jordan Festival, they are against selling land for development purposes; and sadly, they have no alternatives.

  • 1. Abu Mansour, I agree with most of what you said, eccept for the insults to Amman and to part of East Jordanians. What was mentioned in 17, 22 and 23 cannot be beleived by any Jordanian with minimum common sense. It is only valid to be drama episodes to be showed in Arabic TV stations during Ramadan. You, Abu Sarsour (hehehe no offense man, but I kinda liked it more than Abu Mansour) were right also when you pointed your finger to the writer who is one the group of (Hatter, Hayari, Okour, Habib, … etc) the family of Ammon News.

    2. Is it a crime to have your house being built in Dabooq? Does that mean that all owners of the neighboring houses are corrupted government officiais?

    3. I live in the Gulf and I’m familiar with projects called “BOT” (Build, Operate and Transfer) where government lands are being invested for a period of time (25 or 30 years) against a certain amount of money and at the end of the period all the built up buildings and structures (such as malls, water fronts, power plants, high ways) are returned free of charge to the government. This is a great way for income to the government and inhance the local economy. Was it the same case in Jordan? I hope so.

    4. Even if the selling of lands was direct selling, what is better? giving them away to the tribes sheikhs free of charge (to buy their loyalty) or getting some income to the Kingdom’s treasury? I would choose the second option definetly.

  • “There are some, today, who are willing to question all the tools that have been used by previous governments to avoid disaster. They are against foreign investment, they are against privatisation, they are attacking Jordan Festival, they are against selling land for development purposes; and sadly, they have no alternatives.”

    Shadi,,,, First,”previous governments”, what previous governments? you and I know all all previous governments had no legitimacy because the king had the last say in all matters,having said that,dysfunctional government couldn’t rule or decide on most simple decision.
    Second, Privatization and the so called “free” market economy is dying in front of our eyes and the best example is the financial melt down of investment banks and companies in the US.
    the alternatives are enormous to fix the economy and I suggest mixed economy such as Sweden , Denmark or New Zieland……….

  • wal laish kul hal 2ad ma7moo2een .. yistaqeel wila ydalo who gives a flying shosmo .. mish shayif ino il mawdoo3 mistahil .. ino maybe its a big deal “up there” but i fail to see how awadallah’s resignation will affect any of us .. maybe someone can enlighten me o_0

  • King Hussein publicly supported the role of the tribe and tradition in Jordan’s past and future by stating, “Whatever harms tribes is considered harmful to us.

  • @20 Bedouins remain the backbone
    Where the **** did you get this report?
    Care to mention a source?

    I can make up…er…I mean quote the report in a better way if interested.

    This so called report is clearly made up…let me explain why;
    “الملك تفاجأ بمحتويات التقرير ”
    But then you say…
    “التقرير كتب من قبل أحدى اللجان الخاصة التي يتم تشكيلها عادة لمثل هذه الأغراض ويتم اختيارعناصرها من اشد الموالين للنظام”
    So this committee of so loyal men choose to “surprise” the king with this report and let Dr. Awadallah do as he pleases until they finish prinintg this report?

    “بعض ما جاء بالتقرير كان جلالة الملك قد بحثها مع عوض الله على انفراد في أكثر من مناسبة وكانت إجابات الأخير لجلالته بالنفي المطلق وان هناك مؤامرة من قبل منافسيه لتشويه سمعته أمام جلالة الملك .”
    So what you are saying is His majesty knew that Dr. Awadallah was corrupt but simply choose to take his word for it?

    …Give me a break!

    You do know that Dr. Awadallah held many sensitive positions over the years and the Mukhabarat knew about him for many years?
    Don’t even try to claim that such a report isn’t written by the Intelligence dept. about EVERY minister before being appointed and approved so you better believe that everything mentioned in your claimed report would have been known and documented before Dr. Awadallah was appointed.

    Stop spreading such baseless accusations and stop assuming people are idiots…if you want to accuse people of something then you need to provide proof.
    Our Prophet (PBUH) says “Al bayyanato 3la man edda3a wal yameen 3la man ankar”

  • Alurdunialhurr, the king clearly knows what he is doing, and we in Jordan who knows our economy more than anyone else outside, support His Majesty;s vision and we trust his ability in overcome these tough economical times as His majesty clearly stated “But there are things governments can do in the short term to mitigate the impact. In Jordan, the government has taken several measures to protect citizens against the high cost of living; we have increased the wages of public sector and military employees and retirees and encouraged the private sector to do the same; we increased the number of beneficiaries of national aid and increased their monthly share of aid; we provided incentives to encourage youth to be productive; we embarked on a large subsidised housing programme, Decent Housing for Decent Living, provided financial support for military and teachers’ housing funds and provided thousands of homes for needy families to counter the high real estate costs. The government has also interjected in the market in order to drive prices of basic goods as low as possible by subsidising certain goods directly, and reducing duties and taxes on other commodities and through selling at cost at civil and military consumer stores with more outlets in cities, villages and the badia, in addition to opening street markets. I am the first to admit that this is not enough and that we need to do more and we will do more, God willing. ”

    Therefore, We are on the right track, and we will build, change and do all that necessary to continue to move forward, as we already did, and no one can deny it. and His Excellency Dr. Bassem was one of the leading men to put our country on the right track towards civilization.

  • بعض الضالعين بالعرافه السياسيه وقراءة الطالع والبخت يؤكدون ان عوض الله سيتوجه

    أمام القضاء وان المدعي العام يستطيع توقيفه

  • ما يحدث في الأردن، هو ما تحتمله أي عملية ديموقراطية ناجحة، وما يسجل من ايجابيات للراهن الأردني هو تفوق الإعلام على القطاعات الأخرى – مثلا مجلس النواب – في كشف الكثير من ملابسات الفساد والصراع المزامن له، وهذا أخذته على عاتقها صحف مستقلة وبدرجة أدنى، حكومية، مثل الغد والعرب اليوم ووكالة عمون الإخبارية، وبحذر شديد، الرأي، في حين غابت صحف أخرى بدا أنها مرهونة لحسابات هوياتية.

  • العام الجديد سيكون خير على الاردنيين وهذه اول البشائر وانشاء الله عند كل الليبراليين مع ينحلقلهم لانهم والله خربوا البلد

    الملك فيش عنده الحى ممشطة اللي ما بقوم بشغله بشلعه من شروشه وبحلقلة وبسميه عوض الله

    أحلى عيدية يا ابو حسين , عقبال ما تطرد كل الفاسيدين والحرامية والسراقين والله

  • It is extremely important that we all at least make a sincere effort to understand the level of challenges and opportunities; without resorting to negativities, rumors, character assassination and emotional arguments.I am extremely shocked and dismayed at the low level of debate transpiring in some elite and media circles. Currently the level of debate in Jordan has dropped to unacceptable levels with overdramatisation, rumours and opinions that are based on total ignorance of the issues; to the point where, even mature and lucid criticism is drowned out by rumours and ignorance.

  • I personally think that some people are using big words and don’t quite understand their meaning. In summary, liberalism is an academic school of thought that believes everything should be left to market forces and that government should not interfere with these market forces.

    The Jordanian Government have been working diligently on initiatives like Decent Housing for Decent Living which is subsidised housing, or trying to find aid to continue to subsidise certain commodities, or renovating villages and schools, or establishing a social safety net to protect the poor; all in direct conflict with radical liberal theory. That doesn’t mean that we are against privatisation or strengthening the private sector or increasing investment in the country, for we don’t subscribe exclusively to any one doctrine. Not liberal or conservative; not left or right; not old guard or new guard…Our only doctrine is the best interest of Jordan.

    Again, His Excellency Dr. Bassem, is surrounded by rumors, without any supporting proves, therefore unless one has a clear evidence, can not point or accuse him of anything as he did only good for the country and his Loyalty was proven to many in general and to his Majesty in particular otherwise he wont remain in the high level jobs for over eight years.

  • Silly me, I thought the thread wouldn’t get any worse.
    For the a-holes who can’t comprehend that they are using someone’s private space, keep in mind that we don’t like to see the owner of this space hurt by your stupid, explicit, and baseless crap.

  • Dear All, who ever read the Bedouins report above, this was taken from the, for you who doesnt know the arabtimes, which is owned by a guy called Osama Fawzi who is not allowed to enter the Jordanian soil so he writes and keep on writing as he cant do nothing but writing funny articles because Osama Fawzi is nothing but a big mouth, the arabtimes is specialiezed in rumors only, and all the news that are published there are based on false accusation and just talks without proves…so please ignore it. His Excllency Dr. Bassem is above all these false accusations, and the near future will proof that he has been and is always loyal to our beloved country.

  • Although I am for Awadallah , I am disgusted from Mister.Shadi .

    This Shadi turns a story into a cheap opportunity to try and achieve a reward .

    Stop your flattery , people in 2008 have no patience with cheap opportunists clapping and supporting .

    Yalla , Via…

    Go and find yourself a bread eating respectable job .

    Via !

  • Justifying and make ignorant people who judge and spread rumors based on ignorance, deserves to be corrected. People who are living in Jordan supporting its economy and helping in the progress of our develpoment deserves to be inlightened, and deserve to have a decent lives, and deserve to know the truth.

  • Breking News .

    While Awadallah was never found guilty of anything ………….. The newly fresh appointed Chief of Royal Court ….. is …. was…. ( sit tight ..! )…. THE PARTNER OF ISSA KATHEMI IN HIS CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL DEALINGS ….IN THE PHILADELPHIA BANK .

    Mr.Lozi ( spelling ! ) was the man behind all the dealings of Issa ( died il exile in london recently , and case against him for embazzlement is going on , in Amman ).

    Come on Jordanians , challenge his Majesty on this choice .

  • Attention all Jordanian:

    1. There are people who are just trying to piss you off? What are they trying to get out of criticizing you and by you i mean (Jordan, or His Majesty). Please Take a moment to reflect on their possible motivation will help put things into perspective for you. It’s usually more about them than it actually is about you.

    2. Forget about it. Don’t waste your time obsessing about the criticism, the person, or other people’s reactions. Time you spend thinking about negative criticism is time you could spend doing something awesomely creative – like thinking of a new invention or what you’ll be having for dinner. The more you think about negative stuff, the more that negative energy surrounds you and brings you down. Let your thoughts go somewhere more positive – don’t let your criticizers have the power to get into your head. You are better than that.

    3. This is not a game of semantics. People who defend their criticism as “just trying to help” are full of it. There is a HUGE difference between destructive criticism and constructive feedback. What’s the difference? It’s a matter of respect, and it’s that respect that dictates how we interact with one another. If someone respects you, they will give you constructive feedback in a non-threatening way. If it’s coming at you in cutting and rude ways, that person has no respect for you.

    4. Finally, Consider the Source. If you’re being criticized by someone who doesn’t matter to you, then why should their opinion matter to you? Recognize online haters for what they are. And what are they? Pathetic. You know who these people are. They get their kicks out of antagonizing others. They think they’re being smart, but really they’re just acting like immature bullies. Recognize them for what they are, and don’t let their poisonous criticism get to you.

  • Define your position :
    Are you licking to the King , or to awadallah , or both ?

    If you are upset about any injustice done to Awadallah , you will investigate the new JORDANIAN CHIEF, LAWZI .

    We wait and see .

    People like this ” Shadi ” … are stuck .

    They want to keep licking .s..s ( fill the missing ) , and they cannot ever oppose .

  • We want to Thank you for sharing your opinion, we appreciate this Sir. and we will think about what you said, not to promise that we wont laugh about it.

  • It is a shame to see people in Jordan have this strong discriminational stand against each other based on our origins! I remember a few months back when King Abdullah published a comment at very this blog thanking Naseem and commentators back then for being responsible citizens. I can now imagine his dismay now if he ever to read the comments in this thread.

    Maybe it is not a bad idea at all to drop family names from our national Ids! We want to build a modern country that respects all of its citizens regardless or their color, race, religion or country of origin. We should leave no room for narrow minded people full of hatred who are afraid on their current stand of power to restrict our movement.

  • I agree in each and every single word said by the Observer. People must start to look forward for a prosperous Jordan, to look forward for Jordan free of discrimination and injustices. We need modern Jordan, to continue the progress of our development by our action, that how we can add value, not by criticizem and spreading baseless rumors and character assassination. Let’s race toward civilization and prepare the next generation for Globalization.

  • Abdallah … King Abdallah ….. this is why you write what you write … hoping of getting the reward one day … A free ticket , an invitation , a job , a relief … whatever a king in athird world country can give … he can even make you ministers or big .h.ts .

    Without saying anythig bad about the King , ( I actually like him , and got some money from him recently ) , it is time for you all to grow , and stop being midgets .

    You discredit your lovely King by your continuous false praise .

    Come on .

    Cut the bull shit .

  • Although I do not live in Jordan, I have known Awadallah for over a decade. There is a phrase that “power corrupts – and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. In my oppinion corruption is losing one’s moral compass. Doing things to serve one’s personal interest above those o our fellow man. Bassem lost his humility and his lust for power became insatiable. He was very good at impressing the King and the powers that be. Everyone else was expendible. He terrorised those that worked under him. he could teach all of Machievelli, Rasputin and Stalin a few tricks.

  • Conclusion: Awadallah was a smart guy and a hardworker, but it was time for him to go. End of story
    Prediction: The ‘liberalisation’ policy will continue, but with softened aspects.

  • Regardless of the rumors, the resignation letter is clear, and the Royal Response is even more lucid clear…

    But of course the mass commons will circulate the issue until some other story preponderate the current one…

  • مين ما اجا Ùˆ مين ما راح المهم عنا صاحب القرار الاول Ùˆ الاخير ( جلالة سيدنا ابو حسين حفظه الله)…مع احترامي للجميع الا انهم فقط موظفين فلماذا نعطيهم اكبر من احجامهم ؟؟ موظفين لتنفيذ ارادة سيد البلاد Ùˆ جنود للوطن .
    و اذا اصبحت تلك عادة لدينا في ملاحقة تلك المناصب من حيث شخصية مشغليها او من يصلح لها و من يعجبنا و من لا يعجبنا فلا معالي ناصر اللوزي ولا غيره سوف يرتاح في تأدية مهامه في ظل هذا الضغط الكبير عليهم من الشعب و الصحافة و غيرها .
    لنركز على العديد من الامور التي في اعتقادي اهم من ذلك بكثير ، حيث الفقر و عدم العدالة في تركيز الثروات و في اشغال المناصب الحكومية من قبل رجال او نساء البزنس الذين لم ينجحوا و لن ينجحوا في التركيز على شؤون الادارة و في تغليب المصلحة العامة على مصالحهم الاقتصادية الضيقة ولا الومهم اذ انني لو كنت صاحب شركة كبيرة و اتيت وزيرا فلا اعتقد انني سوف اركز في عملي الوزاري ان واجهت شركتي مشاكل او اصبحت الشركة في طريقها للخسارة .
    هذه هي الطبيعة الانسانية منذ الازل .

  • All what is said about bassem awadallah can be summariized in few words. Check who is his father and what he’s been doing in the usa, and the circus he was working in. Bassem awadallah bahlawan has never liked the country and works only for his multi dollars fortunes. say goodbye to him . perhaps he finds a better country that suits a circus player

  • I came to my country Jordan in Jun 2004 and like any Jordanian I used to read the news about the achievements and the debates at time around Dr. Awadalleh. I have been working for an International Co in different Senior management positions across the Middle East and I chose to come to my country Jordan (my roots are from Ramallah-West Bank).

    I managed to secure an investment in a project 2nd to non for Jordan on the ground of Queen Alia Airport. It took me 3 years of serious hard work from A-Z until final delivery of the project which was an absolute success that got adequate media coverage, in addition I managed to conclude MOU’s with Head of Customs in Jordan (Mataab Zaban back then, General Jameel Sariara Chief of Staff and a few other Senior government officials; this was also covered all across the Jordanian Media). This created work opprotunities for around 40 Jordanians.

    I requested for a meeting with his Majesty the King of Jordan in April 2008 after my project was up and running. In Aug I got the RHC calling me saying that Dr. Awadalleh would want to meet me.

    I met Dr. Awadallah for the 1st time and for 20 min in his office. He exclaimed that his Majesty is aware of my company’s project and that any support I or my company needs will be extended. At the time I presented to Dr. Awadalleh a personal written appeal to his Majesty the King of Jordan and I asked his assistance to deliver it to his Majesty and he promised that he would. It was myself seeking the help of his Majesty in obtaining my full Jordanian Nationality (I’m a holder of a 2 year Jordanian passport for the past 30 years).

    After 20 days I get a call from the RHC that I have received a Royal Instruction ordering to grant me the Jordanian Nationality; I was pleased and overwhelmed and of course felt how generous was his Majesty in offering me the honor of the Jordanian Nationality. If it was not for Dr. Awadalleh, my appeal would have never reached his Majesty; this I’m sure of.

    Believe it or not up to this date and with myself having in writing a ‘Royal Instruction’, a Letter from PM, a letter from his excellency the Minister of Interior I still have my file stuck at the Intellignce and all what I’m told in an interview with JID – ‘ ..we do not want to open the door to give others the Nationality..’ Can this be true..?

    I have been in my company for 15 years (I’m now 36 years old) and I can choose the country I want on the Middle East Map to go to through my expertise and management experience; I chose however to come to Jordan my country and I end up treated this way after delivering a 4 Million Euro project to my Country which is a unique project of its kind in our industry.

    I can gaurantee you that if Dr. Awadallah was still in office, he would have done something about it. Unfortunately for me by the time my file reached JID he was out of office at RHC !

    I tried to reach to RHC and no one would even respond back to me leave alone help me in carrying out his Majesty’s Royal Instructions !!

    Here I question if His Mjesty the King of Jordan has granted me the JOrdanian Nationality Who can take it away from me..?!

    I will leave it for all of you to get the moral behind the story and if anyone can help me out with this or guide me in the right direction I woudl be grateful.



  • People,

    re the country of Jordan needing Awadallah.I say this.

    if you think that awadallah is smart,powerful,highly connected.I assure you ,there exists in Jordan now individulas who are 15 years younger than Awadallah,who are so conected on the global stage ,have credebility on par with awadallah even if not more.let’s not fool ourselves and indulge in stupiditiy assuming the country can’t run without Awadallah .

    one thing though about awadallah is that he is defenitly “Dynamic”,no doubt about it,and that’s a big plus.other than that I don’t see him as smart ,nor a charcter of substance.but certainly “Dynamic”.

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