• i really like the cool beat of these guys , I don’t think that spirit works in your office my friend , the atmosphere is not that loving…

  • I had forgotten how much I love that video. Can you imagine trying that experiment here? I get odd looks just for smiling at people, haha. Oh, and in the US, you’ve got to be careful. You could be sued if you hug the wrong person… Sad, but true.

  • MommaBean: I’ve thought of trying this here…. but i dont want to die in an honor crime performed by someone I dont know…. they would call it nation honor crime! or sue for “kathf 7aya2 3am”!! we are still so far from knowing the value of a hug!! or defining a hug without using the word “Sexual”! LOL

  • Looks like y’all are translating this clip literally.
    If so….
    Mais, even in the States, if you start hugging random people on the streets in that manner, especially females, it can soooo be translated as an indicative of your sexual orientation. there you go!

    Also, is hugging random people for the sake of it an honest, genuine expression of love? I see it as a selfish way of satisfying one’s own need to express love regardless of its reception by the other party..

    nonetheless, expressing love through whatever honest manifestations is certainly what this world needs 🙂

  • MommaBean: its good to be a huggable Jordanian… that’s rare 😉

    Secratea: mesh randomly randomly…. I’d use the free hugs sign! LOOL ! Those interested would come to me…. LOOOL at the thought! My dad would love this suggestion VARY MUCH! :p

    On another note: balla love balla ba6ee5! 🙂 I no longer know what this world needs!

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