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16 thoughts on “But What About Nader?

  1. Sadly Ralph Nader (who would be the best option for Palestinians by far) has tried to stay in it too long. It’s time to quit (although with McCain running when he’s 110, I can see how Nader got confused about America’s willingness to vote for someone who is too old to be likely to even survive the job…

    It’s funny, years ago when Buchanan and Nader were both running for President (and excluded from the debates), Crossfire invited them on to debate each other. As I’m sure you know the idea is that the guests are one conservative and one liberal and the hosts try and get them to beat up on each other. Unfortuantely for the hosts they asked about Israel… Buchanan and Nader both started in on the hosts citing Deir Yassin and Sabra and Shatila (this from Pat Buchanan nonetheless). They were in full agreement and left both the hosts fighting with each other against the guests. It was a priceless moment in television history (sadly one I couldn’t find on youtube).

    The sad thing is that not only does the canary thing make Nader sound even more like a joke than he already is… it’s boring :(.

  2. I admire Nader because he doesn’t run to win … he runs to ‘remind’ Americans that politics is a spectrum… to break the 2 party domination … and just to show that there is always an alternative.

    I wish we had a person in Jordan that truly represents an alternative … someone who isn’t conservative, centrist/traditionalist, islamist or neoliberal. Just like Nader, such a person wouldn’t stand a chance winning a seat in our parliament … but that wouldn’t matter… not to me at least.

  3. “كنت قبل أيام قد كتبت مقالاً في ذكرى رحيل الشهيد هزاع المجالي ونبهت فيه إلى أن أعداء الداخل هم اشد خطورة من أعداء الخارج وهم الذين يجب التنبه لهم، واعتقد أن مثل هذه التعليقات والطروحات تؤكد أن تطهير الجبهة الداخلية من أمثال هؤلاء هي الخطوة الأولى في الحفاظ على امن واستقرار الأردن وتماسك جبهته الداخلية.

    “Mohannad this guy speak like Nazis ,he wants cleansing of the country and has more hate against الجبهة الداخلية than anything else ,be careful of what you wish for…

  4. كلو إلا الخطوط الحمر..زي ما تقول الدكتور مطهر قانوني..لزم نحملو شنته و نعلق على ظهرو قارمة.. ومثل ما بقول أولياء نعمتنا قارمه إز أ بتش. ما علينا..

  5. Naseem,
    We hijacked the post , but this is actually amusing. After some googling, the so called “Dr.” is a political science prof at yarmouk uni. And I guess he got annoyed because he is in love with Hattar(or his ideology and racism), but at the same time he can’t say what hattar said because of fear or something. The funny thing is that they keep praising the king while attacking Dr. awadalla, but we all know that the king doesn’t live in a bubble and he knows what goes on, yet he still keeps Dr.awadalla close to him, and i would go as far as saying that the king trusts awadalla more than anyone in jordan. So in a way I guess those attacks are proxy attacks.

    Cialis Generika Rezeptfrei Online Kaufen

    And now enjoy this lesson on what you should name your children, what globalization is, and the role of the family in :تمتين الجبهة الداخلية وحماية النسيج الوطني من الاختراق والاغتراب

    Penetration, how naughty he is..

  6. “Mohanned: That’s to be expected. There is perhaps some irony in Jordanian writers who want to limit the ceiling of free speech while HM King Abdullah is asking us to push it.” Nassem,you must be joking?,i challenge all of you out there including you Nassem if you criticize the king and his rules what will happen to you?
    All of you out there must know the outcome.

  7. It must feel really bad for this “Dr.”, whose tone suggests pure jealousy that many people can actually talk about daily matters, without really needing a PhD in politics!
    It’s a shame that he attacks young people – who are Jordan’s ONLY wealth really – as means of getting into governmental positions. It would do him a great deal of good to acknowledge that ministries are limited in number and there aren’t any vacancies at the moment!!

  8. 1. The Nader vid is kind of funny
    2. The ‘Dr” post is funnier
    3. The perception of what freedom of expression is is hilarious

    When did Jordan become about ‘those’ people?
    When did we decide that fear is what should govern our behavior?
    When did we stop intellect and start non-truths?
    When did we forget that to make progress everyone must get a little bit uncomfortable?

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