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3 thoughts on “Review | John Mayer’s Where The Light Is

  1. I saw this guy live a week and a half ago on his very last show of his tour before he goes back to the studio to record a new album. What was really interesting is he chose not to play some of his biggest radio hits that he played in his other shows and instead played all this stuff we never heard of. I think he just wanted to do his own thing on his last show, but it definitely annoyed some people who came to hear “your body is a wonderland”. He didn’t play “daughters” either. Maybe he preferred to give us a sneak preview of what’s to come.

    I’m not a huge fan but my favorite part was when he played “free fallin” and that song “say” (or is it stay?). Your appreciation for his skills reminds me alot of my friend who arranged the whole thing, he can play all his songs and this was his 4th John Mayer concert-he was so into it.

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