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12 thoughts on “Jordanian Observations #3 [Traffic Cops]

  1. YES! Every time I’m stuck in traffic I say (either to myself or to passengers) “Do you want to bet there’s a policeman at that intersection/roundabout?”.. and I’m right every single time!

  2. Are you saying that the 375,000* people on the armed forces payroll are useless ??
    At least those poor cops are standing in the sun for better or worse รขโ‚ฌโ€œ unlike the highly-decorated office generals (major generals , brigadier generals …) and their unjustified over-inflated benefits …

    Wa kollo fee khidmett il watan wa amnn il watan
    *75 million divided by 200 JDs

Your Two Piasters: Is Prevacid Prescription Only