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7 thoughts on “The Missing Will Power In Jordan’s Energy Future

  1. You would think so!
    The issue of energy in Jordan could not be any more relevant to your post about corruption. The question is: What’s in it for them? I believe these days are when public officials have nothing else on their mind but what they will have for Breakfast. Their brains effectively shut down, work hours shortened, everything gets pushed back until after 7aj. Well, once Ramadan is over, people will start thinking about Eid Al Adha….

    Anyways, the problem is that these Public Officials, and law makers in the Parliament suffer from two distinct, but closely related in effect, diseases. In regard to Government Officials, unprofessionalism sits at their core. They truly have no pride in their positions for professional reasons. And that to say if, and only if, they reached that position based on merit, which is a rarity. Most government officials spend more time on protocol (a fancy word for hosting guests and doing favors for other Officials) than on the essential duties of their jobs. They basically have no sense of urgency to solve any chronic problems as long as they get promoted. They could care less for coming up with a solution to a critical issue, such as energy, since they are in a position that is idolized by the average citizen, who, as you said, “is in the dark.”

    The MPs, who are supposed to be the voice of their constituents, are just doing so. People doubt that a drama series is causing societal problems, the parliament will discuss it. people, unknowingly, are suffering from pollution, uncertain energy future, continuously increasing costs. But, how would their representatives know their needs for solving such issues?

    When a member of parliament is hosted at an acquaintance’s home for Mansaf, the host will most likely boast of how he was able to pull off such a grand event, but not what issues where discussed, whats that PM stand on the issue of shale oil, or how does that PM respond to peoples’ unease with the lack of progress at the parliament.

    Sadly, in Jordan, all three branches of of government suffer from a stubborn case of impotence. They suffer from persistent ineffective intercommunication. They see their positions as status, nothing else.

  2. Hello Nas,

    I was wondering while reading this post, what if there is “something” we “the Jordanian citizens” can do, I don’t mean go on strike, I mean, there should be a way, the people on all levels can do something, still convinced that certain projects or strategies need governmental sponsorship or responsibility.
    But don’t want to give up hope, and almost certain that if we “don’t” do it, government won’t, I dunno, its just ideas.


  3. I have to also wonder, where’s the solar power? I know some buildings (not mine, but…) use solar power to heat water, but what about generating power?! Those “greenies” in the US have been doing for years. They make those amazing green homes with solar panels stretching across the roof to generate all the power they need. Maybe Jordan could benefit from the concept that many American states have. Since the government grants a monopoly for power distribution, if you can generate your own power and more than you need, the power company MUST buy your excess. That’d give some incentive to figure it out, no? Go SOLAR!

  4. Re: MommaBean and S N. Solar power is surely coming but wind is far ahead and that’s why it’s winning in many places in the world including Jordan where supposedly they have complete data for wind patterns throughout the country (I read that in some Jordan Business or Venture magazine article last time I was in Jordan).

    About nuclear energy, I’m really worried about the idea of the nuclear reactor in Jordan simply because it comes with the environmental cost of mining for uranium in Jordan as well (article mentions southern regions of Jordan). I think a reliance on wind, solar and geothermal energy is where Jordan’s focus should be.

    Our government has yet to introduce tax incentives that would put us on a steady trend that reduces our reliance on oil. They can start by introducing custom tax brackets for imported cars that are based on mpg (mile per gallon) ratings. I think they have already removed the private tax on hybrid vehicles, but the high price of those vehicles really renders the incentive inapplicable in the mind of the average Jordanian.

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