• Lol,
    I read this a while ago, and was thinking about posting it.
    But then after reading the comments on the question, it turns out, the person who psoted it, was an 8 year old girl. And suddenly, it wasn’t so funny. She was just a scared little girl, who, I assume, had no one to comfort her about the news she was hearing all around.

    But, at the same time, I wouldn’t put this past George Bush, who probably arranged an emergency meeting following the news to protect Alabama from the marching Russian army. lol

  • yazan: if that’s true then it’s kind of strange that an 8 year old would consult yahoo! answers lol. i mean, if this is really from an 8 year old, then her parents must really suck.

  • That’s exactly my point.

    I feel sad for her, really. I mean she could’ve asked her parents about that. But yet again, knowing some Americans, her parents might have freaked out and prepared a bomb shelter. lol

  • I had a very intense conversation with a bunch of my friends about this. I am positive that this “question” wasn’t asked by an 8-year-old… or by anybody who was seriously confused. It was a “joke” made by somebody who thought they were being very funny (but weren’t, in my opinion).

    I remember, when I was living in Jordan, hearing Ammanis and others make jokes about stupid people who live in the Ghror. In the US too we have a similar bias and a firm belief that people who live in the South are stupid and ignorant. I grew up in the South (and live in Georgia now!) so I know it isn’t true, but I also see these “jokes” everywhere. In the US, it is considered acceptable to make fun of people from Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, and the other southern states — which also happen to be the poorest and least educated states in the country, for a variety of reasons.

    This question wasn’t written by a child, or even by an adult who was seriously confused. It was written by an adult making fun of the stereotype of southern Americans, and that is why Yahoo! has subsequently removed it as inappropriate.

    I know you probably didn’t know this when you posted it, Nas, and I’m not upset or anything. I just wanted to stand up for my fellow Georgians and point out that, while widespread now on the internet, this is a hoax.

  • It’s definitely a prank, there are 7 versions of this question on yahoo answers alone:


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