The Access To Information Council Gets Limited Access

The best way to wake up on a Sunday morning is usually with a joke…

Since its establishment over a year ago, the Information Council (IC) has yet to receive a complaint from the public concerning access to information, according to an IC official…IC Vice President Mamoun Talhouni told The Jordan Times that the lack of registered complaints could be due insufficient knowledge of the council’s existence..[source]

Wow. I’m just glad they didn’t conclude that receiving no complaints meant that the council was a success.

But only now, a year after being established, will workshops be held in order to make media personnel aware of its existance. Can you believe that?

I can.

I can almost guarantee that a year ago, a journalist somewhere went digging for more information about the Information Council and was inevitably denied access to information.

In Jordan, everything is just raw data.

Or it’s classified.


  • Guess what , i tried several times getting access to the Council , my laptop keeps switching off…

    Of course i am joking , this is not the way things happen , but i really don’t think people are helping , all the Laws and governmental organizations were established for the people’s needs , they will also need people to Keep them alive , so this is the new Law i came up with :

    ” We needed food to get our bodies working , we need Gas to get our engines started and WE definitely need people to get our Special governmental vehicles started”

    and by analyzing why gas prices went up , it is because the Human is most precious, and getting more precious and rare with time.

    Civilians are the most important element of the Country’s equation, we will learn that with time.

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