Israeli Nissan Ad Angers Saudis

An Israeli-developed advertisement for the new Nissan Tiida features a bunch of Saudi oil barons who run into the fuel-effecient car and suddenly attack it, under the assumption of course that Saudis find silver cars offensive. The ad has naturally conjured up calls for boycotting the company, which says it had no prior knowledge of the ad.

Arabian Business even ran a poll to find that 60% of its readers did NOT find the ad offensive. But since mid-month, the ad has evidently been pulled.

First. I have to admit, the ad is kind of funny. I don’t know how the conclusion that these characters are in fact Saudi came about but I’m likely to make the conclusion that the emergence of electric and hybrid cars won’t be met with joy from oil barons. Heck, I can imagine an Arab ad agency coming up with something like this, if we had one that was a bit creative. Would the reaction be the same had it been a Texan oil baron?

If only the feminists had gone after this Nissan ad.

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  • Did you guys read the comments and the fights between the youth from Israel and the Arab world. Very sad! read all comments from the beginning if you’re interested.

  • I don’t get it!
    What exactly is this advert saying?
    Is it just me?
    Would someone kindly explain it to myself – I must be really thick!

  • Roughly speaking it’s this: the Nissan car is supposed to be very fuel-efficient and thus means that the Arab oil magnate will make much less money because such cars will mean lower fuel sales.

  • Are Arabs, or Saudis in this case, the sole responsible for the increased oil prices?

    I haven’t seen such an ad here in the US!…….. Well I do not watch much TV anyway…….but I am not really sure if such an ad would be acceptable here…..unless it is a Hollywood type of movie, where Indiana Jones is kicking some ass and ridiculing………hmmmmmmm a whole race??

    It is funny though how could you recognize someone who is not Arabic trying to wear an Arabic traditional custom!

  • Amazing. The Saudis told the Israelis they were extremely mad about something, and Israelis had to respond immediately. Unfortunately it was only about a Nissan ad.

  • it is offensive.
    because of the stereotype of arabs, especially of gulf origin, being backward camel-riding ignorant bideons, I find this ad extremely offensive.

    I’m palestinian, and unfortunately palestinians at times make such jokes about many other arabs – be it jordanian, lebanese, or gulf people. I think this is wrong.

    before you can lower level of jokes with people you have to prove that you respect them. That did not happen yet – thus, you cannot take it easy and make fun on their expense so soon.

  • The only good thing out of all this is what Hareega said. Good one . anyway ,if anyone is asking for respect then they better earn it. it doesn’t come by boycotting everything I caught Mano .. GET A LIFE.

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