What’s Happening On 7iber Lately

For those not caught up, I thought I’d do a little review on what’s happening on 7iber lately. The feature on the group of kids in Jabal Al-Ashrafyah we did a few weeks back in a feature called Taking Back The Streets, seems to have caught the attention of a few public officials, so we decided to pay another visit there and see what changes have taken place in a piece called The Streets Revisited.

Meanwhile, there’s also a short piece on the untimely death of poet Mahmoud Darwish and his sad arrival to Amman prior to his burial in the Occupied Territories.

By mere coincidence, the 7iber crew runs into Samia, a woman on Mango Street in Jabal Amman, who was busy trying to clear the rocks of the sidewalk outside her home after it was broken badly during the paving of the adjacent street. You can listen to Samia voice her concerns.

A new weekly feature on 7iber is born, under the name of “Street Beat”. It’s really an attempt to take the “pulse of the street” in a more online way. This week, 7iber asks what people think of the Olympics this year and if anyone is even watching for that matter.

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