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11 thoughts on “The Arabized Harry Potter Gets Banned

  1. On another note, the banning of literature from “warring countries” (specifically Lebanon) also has a profound impact on the Arab Christians in Israel, since most of the Christian spiritual/theological books printed in the ME come from Lebanon. It can be very hard for those wishing to study in their native language. They have to resort to books in English, and when you are learning about something as complicated as theology of the Christian faith, it is SO hard for them.

  2. Harry Potter actually doesn’t seem that big in the Arab world–when I was reading an Arabic copy in Jordan none of the Jordanians I talked to had heard of it, but I know this wasn’t the case in all of Asia since all the Taiwanese students in my class became very excited when they saw what I was reading and told me they were dying to get their hands on one. I’ve always wondered idly why HP is less popular in the Arab world than elsewhere.

  3. Many Christians in America hate Harry Potter because it deals with magic.

    “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”
    Exodus 22:18 (King James Bible)

    Since this is what it says in the Torah is not Harry Potter against Jews, Christians, and Muslims? I am an agnostic.

  4. It seems that no one has thought to point out that in 1939 Israel DID NOT EXIST!!!!

    when israel formed it adopted the pre-existing laws from the british mandate (which, itself included some holdover laws from the ottoman period). that’s actually what typically happens when there is a new country. the u.s., for example, adopted british common law in 1776. it’s simply easier to adopt an existing legal system (and then start passing laws to amend it) than to build one from scratch all at once. when i went to law school in the u.s., we read cases from 16th century britain that are still technically binding precedent in the u.s. today.

    adopting the pre-existing system is also better for business (ongoing contracts don’t become void, but rather can operate under the same laws that formed them). also, if a new country scrapped all prior laws and tried to pass new ones, it would mean that during the period the new laws were being drafted things like murder and robbery would theoretically be legal. so it’s not surprising at all that israel would still enforce a law that is older than the country itself.

    (of course, that doesn’t mean that i don’t think the law is stupid. banning books is always a bad idea IMHO)

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