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7 thoughts on “For Mahmoud Darwish

  1. Truly, a loss 🙁

    At least I got the chance to see and hear him live back in June in what was to be his last poetry reading – @ Ramallah’s Cultural Palace. Ramallah awaits his return now as arrangements are being made to bring his body back to be buried in Palestine’s soil 🙁

    Rest in Peace

  2. In that poem, is his “murderer” on his side or the opposing side?

    It has a confusing mixture of togetherness and separation, and his tone at the end can meant “I understand and cherish this last connection with a human being” or “I will haunt you for doing this”.

    Any ideas?

  3. Who else would be such a poet who speaks in sarcasm straight in the face of the occupying enemy and order them to write down that he is an Arab; His ID card holds the number 50,000; He’s got eight children and a baby on the way!

    Where else can he be from other than that abandoned nameless village;
    Where all the vines and fields were confiscated; and people were left with nothing but rocks!

    How else would he look like; if not with dark hair and brown eyes?

    R. I. P. Mahmoud Darwish; and let history record on the header of its front page that you’re an Arab!

    such a loss!

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