Marwan’s Case: Jordanian Justice?

A story that most people in (west) Amman know by now is that of Marwan Qsus’s shooting a few months ago. For those who don’t know about it, the gist of it is that Marwan – who manages the popular third circle cafe, Kanabaye – was shot a few months back by a drunk individual over the guy’s missing coat. This (young) individual just happens to be an officer/member of the “security apparatus”. It is also a story that got me into a bit of trouble with the Military court back in May, which is why at the time I could not fully express my disappointment at what had happened to me personally. However, the trial began that began in June has just ended earlier this morning, which allows me to talk about this subject more freely at this point.

Unfortunately, I could not make it to the sentencing of the officer who was the shooter but I just received an SMS message from someone close who attended and this is what it said:

“The officer who shot marwan qusus with four bullets on feb 1st was sentenced today by the Military Court for SIX MONTHS and was fined JD5.0 for the bullets he used in the shooting. He will be going home today since he supposedly served his time. this is justice and the rule of law for those with influence.”

I want to wait for more details, but I am utterly disappointed at the outcome of this case and I suppose the saddest part for me was that it was a bit expected.

Part of me was half expecting that, given the evidence, this man would be handed the right sentence and that justice would be served. Moreover, the six months he’s “already served” is not entirely accurate, as according to various people I know and involved in the case, he was still allowed to work everyday.

But this is really the kind of thing that validates for so many people, especially those of my generation, that the justice system in Jordan is still open to manipulation. It reinforces the idea that you really need to rely on wasta to get through life here, even attempted murder.

Please Note: Due to the obvious circumstances, I did not want this post to become a platform for any form of speech that may harm people on a personal level and I apologize for anyone that was caught in that crossfire. I’m sorry, but free speech or whatever framework of free speech that I permit on this blog is not a mandate to attack people and involve their families on a personal level. It is truly in bad taste and I think people should be ashamed. If you have an opinion on the case, that’s fine. You have the right to voice that opinion. But within that right there is a responsibility to articulate it in a proper manner, a manner that does not involve insults, involvement of family or the use dual identities.

I should point out than in my nearly four years of blogging and almost 2,000 posts, this is the very first time I’ve ever closed down the comments, which says something about the extent to which I allow people to speak here and encourage that debate. And it also, sadly, says something about how low the comments have gotten and I can only assume they go downhill from here.

At the end of the day, we are supposed to be civilized people living in a civilized society and in a civilized nation.

There’s something to be said about acting like it.

Thank you.


  • i am really very surprised. Although i believe there is a good deal of corruption in the goverment in Jordan, financial corruption mostly is what comes to my mind, but i really thought that the justice system is a red line. at least i really, really wish it is. this is a very, very sad story.

  • Clearly there is, in fact, no reason to fear those who shall remain nameless as stated in your previous post by one of them. After all, they can shoot someone and get off with less than a slap on the wrist. Good to know that the value of the average Jordanian seems to be the cost of the bullets used to shoot them. I had been wondering what had happened on this case. Sadly, this is no less than what I had expected. Thanks for the update and the willingness to talk about it, “invitations to tea” notwithstanding.

  • SIX months? And only 5 JDs fine? :too confused:
    It really is outrageous … disappointed and appalling.

    P.S. So when he shot Marwan, was he ‘off duty’?

  • Do you know the details of the shooting? The only excuse for getting such a light sentence would have been acting in self-defence.
    6 months, that’s very light, only those convicted with honor crimes get sentences as light as this

  • How is it that we the people got to know the name of the victim, but didn’t get to know the name of the criminal?

    Seems like the latter is more important, especially that the criminal is actually free to go about in the streets!

    If they don’t want to imprison him because they can’t get the justice part of the system figured out, at least give the people the right to know who among them has been proven to be fatally dangerous to others!

  • Such a dissapointment! someone like me would expect them to prove themselves right in “Putting you in trouble” for the “story”! by validating in reality that you didnt give them enough chance to prove that there is JUSTICE! Now they were given the chance, and that’s how they used it to perform THEIR justice!

  • 6 months, that’s very light, only those convicted with honor crimes get sentences as light as this

    That’s not really true Hareega. They can still get such a small sentence in Jordan, and it gets reduced by any of the following “points of consideration” if one might call them that:
    – it wasn’t a premeditated murder
    – the victim didn’t die
    – the victim asqa6 7aqqoh
    – the defendant had a clean record before the incident
    – the defendant is a “shab fee moqtabal el 3omr”

    You might think I’m joking but these are really the things that judges in Jordan take into consideration.

  • I think the first 3 reasons are pretty good to give something less than a life sentence, but six months is still very light. Guys should know that just shooting someone because of a fight should sned him for jail for more than 6 months

  • Yeah well even without those last two reasons, which do get used, you’re still looking at only 3 years in jail, which is still low for attempted murder I think.

  • What saddens me is that I didn’t find the sentence or the original story shocking. What I did find surprising is that the comments here seem to be trying to justify why the sentence was reduced to six months, or asking for the name of the shooter, as if this is an issue with a particular judge or a particular case. The fact that the blogger was harassed (to say the least) that the sheep-like media is complicit in covering this up and judicial system can be bought with a mansaf or two tells us the country is rotten to the core. Rather than admitting there is a problem and trying to fix it, it is ignored.

    On a side note, I was amused by the JD5 fine. Presumably, they are charging the asshole for the bullets he used for “personal purposes”. It is good to know the Jordanian taxpayer will not be out of pocket.

  • First of all I would like to mention that I was a fan of the writer’s previous works since they were logical, unbiased, transparent and based on facts. I read the story titled “Marwan’s Case” and I was surprised and disappointed that this story is not based on facts and I feel that the writer is not neutral. We only expect such a professional writer to investigate more and listen to all sides of any story before commenting on it. After stating the real true facts, he can comment or criticize positively or negatively, as he wishes. Since this story touches the lives of several Jordanian families, I felt that it was only fair to state the real incident here and correct some wrong facts mentioned…just for a fair argument from now on:

    • Briefly, the story is that three young men were at the restaurant “Kanabaye” where the coat of one of them was stolen and the restaurant could not find it. Isn’t it a simple rule that customers are always right? Or do we only blame that the system is wrong and “unprofessional” and we do not look at ourselves? Well, the restaurant’s owner “Marwan” got furious why the coat’s owner insisted on finding it –which is just normal-, and hence, a verbal argument between both parties took place, where Marwan sworn at them with bad words, very “dirty” bad words, leading to a clash. The officer was not there at this moment as he went to fetch his car and when he got back, he found twenty (20) of the restaurant waiters and bodyguards severely beating the coat owner, some with metal items (and they confessed in the court that they did so). In order to split the crowd and end the squabbling, his friend (the officer) fired two shots in the air, and as expected, they stopped. However, he was shocked by finding Marwan and staff running towards him attacking him and because of the snow that night, both of them slipped and fell on the ground which led to the ouster of shots from his gun while they were trying to take the gun from him and beating him on the head from behind. Thus, the harm done was unintentional. Being an officer, had he intended to harm or kill anyone, he would’ve done it without missing the bullet! IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL and the other bullets went out as people were trying to take the gun from him while beating him on the ground!
    • Here are further facts about the story:
    o The (young) individual is a Jordanian officer from a normal, respected, and self-reliant family and not an influential one.
    o The final medical reports shows that the injury is 100% cured and the injured is back to normal life, thanks God.
    o The Jordanian Judicial system in general and our military courts in particular are a rare Jordanian asset that enjoys local, regional and international respect and admiration. So many influential people stood in front of our military courts where justice was served regardless of the positions and ranks of those influential people so I was completely disappointed by the suspicions of the writer about our courts taking into consideration that the officer isn’t so influential concerning his family (who are highly respected and whose loyalty is only for the country and Hashemite family), position and rank.
    o So many more serious cases received less than six months due to the fact that Jordanians are kind, tolerant and forgivable people. Marwan and his family gave prejudgments and assumptions about the officer and his family, which we all heard from them!
    o I did not want to tackle this issue but your discussions forced me to. While the officer has clean respectable and honored records, Marwan is a man with previous criminal record (he has 16 cases in court).
    o The justice system in Jordan is not open to manipulation as mentioned. I wish that anyone commenting on this attended all phases of trial to see that all witnesses (most of them work for Marwan) did not testify for the favor of Marwan. If any concerned party wants to be just and fair in his judgment and seeks the truth, why weren’t they attending the court sessions and could not make it to the sentencing of the officer. After all, the trial was public and transparent, and voices of truth should not depend on “mainly” an SMS message, which is received from someone close to one party.
    o The public only asks for fair judgments and considerations to the parties involved in the stories and articles written about them. After all, we are one Jordanian family and we all work hard for a prosperous and safe Jordan!

  • ok i’m unrelated to this case and hardly commented on it but what the guy before says is totally ludicrous you say that firing a firearm in public is justified and that non lethal injuries are a normal thing ?
    and some how the fact that marwan is an asshole (personally i think he is) makes it somehow ok to do him harm ?
    THATS THE BULLSHIT THAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT, this warped sense of justice that people like the person above me propagate and we have to live in….

  • Dear Summaya
    It is not an honour for that officer to have a a person like you around him. He will continue to have full dignity and respect for himself and for good people due the self-confidence that he has. Anyway it is not again an honour for any person to be surrounded by sick people with rotten psychology and fantacy like you my dear Summaya.

  • Ubu Wissam
    Thank you so much for clarifying all the details of the story. I do agree with you that a fair judge must listen to both parties of the issue not to one party only as the writer did in his story. i would like to add also that i feel that the officer had prevented a crime when the waiters , marwan, and the bodyguards were beating the owner of the coat severly and brutally as the witnesses confessed that they used an iron stick and that the bodygaurds are Karate triners. As i heard from my friends, Marwan’s family took advantage of this story to achieve personal and cheap gains and goals by trying to contact some senior officials. I also heard that Marwan’s family did not abide by the Jordanian customs and traditions by not accepting the JAHAA. As i took in one of the military courses in Yarmouk University when i was a student, the model method of dispersing a qurrel is to shoot in the air.So i do consider the behavior of officer wise,clever and rational.

  • General Comment: There is no need for personal insults. Thanks.

    Abu Wisam/HAMDA/Omar: I respect your right to publish your take on the story, and I don’t have to remind you that this is a personal blog hence there is no obligation for me to be completely objective by nature of the platform. However, I do not appreciate – as outlined in my commenting policy – when someone attempts to mislead my readers by using multiple screen names; assuming multiple personalities to prove the same point. It does not serve the flow of the discussion and I consider it an attempt to insult the intelligence of my readers.

    Please refrain from doing so in the future.

  • interesting to say the least….. if it proves anything it would prove how hard some people are trying to prove you wrong Nas, which should only make you feel good…. 🙂

  • Mapless: it’s not really about being proven wrong or right, as i agree that there are always two sides to any story. but people also have to understand that personal blogs are not designed to be objective (most of the time); they are personal narratives.

    anyways, i respect the other opinion, as long as it is honest about the way it presents its side of the story. i don’t like it when people try to “fool” my readers using their screen names.

  • This is the price we pay by living in a third word country……this is the price we pay by being a minority……..This is the price we pay by being loyal Jordanian………This is what we get when the system look at the name….and see nothing but the name….even if the name belong to a family who are nothing but true Jordanian and loyal too………so ” **** ” the system.

  • i do not know what to say Marwan, to bad , i am really ashamed to be living in a country which these kind of things happens ,,,, but as you said its was not a surprise for you…. but not to this extend ….. imagin someone hits a man in his car by accident what will happens to him ……. ,,,, its funny and sad at the same time ……we just have to keep hoping for a better justice system ,,, .. …keep prying …

  • WOW…..the judge solve the problem, six month.
    i love this judge..wish to meet him too…

    LOST in words….couldn’t imagine the badness we are in….
    u can destroy someone’s life with five jd…and six months!!!…what a price..
    so can we destroy his life too with that….god answer

  • I can’t believe these people,obviously trying to cover up for the person who shot marwan.
    Justice wasn’t served right and still…..they’re trying to silence those people who think that it was wrong…plain and simple…this guy shot marwan…if it was in self-defense..then why was marwan shot four times?????it doesn’t justify the reason of self-defense..but i bet you…if this person who shot him was not from an influential family….then the verdict might have been’s really sad..does it mean that if you’re influential…you get away with things?? it shouldn’t be…but it happens and just happened in amman.but for marwan…you know what….justice might not have been given to you…but there is a GOD.and there is also KARMA…these people will be punished..their souls will rot in hell!!

  • mr. abu wisam.obiously u seem to have more details than everyone else ,,, and you seem to be a smart person that wouldn’t want to crack your cedibility ,as you said 2 sides for each story , pay a visit to Kanabaye (my treat )and ask to watch the MOVIE , taken on cams ,the inside and outside ,, don’t just listen to words , soon you will understand what am saying , shame that you twisted the story,, and eaven if it was for self defence i can’t be 4 bullits to one person of the twenty as u stated logic ya abu wisam , hope wisam stays safe from such people ,,, and what would an officer be doing in a night club , spending our tax money on alcohole , well to start with the 2 officers shouldn’t have been there in the first place

  • Abu Wissam

    You really made clear for all of us; I can’t agree more with you.

    Thanks for being there for the poor guys

  • yaaa abu wisam
    1-marwan’s family DID not bad mouth or prejudged anyone , they are not intiteled to .although it was said from his family (we will see what those christians CAN do ).
    2-their is actually a MOVIE that many people saw ,the fact that it is not yet published is that marwan and his family arw good jordanians ,and don’t want to clash with a military system that they belong to with many family members and highly respect and insisting that those TWO criminals don’t repesent such respectfull security systems.
    3-the propeganda made of them being beaten up has no medical report to at least prove it .
    4-marwan’s family has the right to seek leagal help especialy after facts being twisted starting at the police station.and how come the police car at the corner didn’t interfeir while as u stated 20 people hitting his cousin who is also an officer and had a gun that i saw my self but didn’t use it!!!
    5- marwan has no criminal record as you stated ,he has a masters degree and a successfull business mansurving the tourizm sector in Jordan , and a tax payer, to many companeis he is part of, and marwan is a well known guy with good rep in west Amman proven by the masive quantity of flowers and choclate taken to the hospital.
    6-marwan’s familty did accept the attweh bl etiraf (that meens confession from his family and alies).and marwan’s family only wanted to know why he did this to drop it (can it be any simpler and forgivivg)but they couldn’t answer that ,not eaven with the holywood stoy you stated .
    7-the officer said to friends that he lied about the whole story and he doesn’t know why he did it.
    7-not one good attemt of the criminal’s family .
    8-as for the court yes it was not fair and influence by one of his strait family ,i shall say no more.and again i agree with miro miro to go watch the movie unless you didn’t already at the office ya abu wisam

  • and sumayya forget about that ibbi creature ,,, if you need any info go directly to the victem himself …….thank god for facebook

  • With all my respect to the Jordanian authorities and Al Amn El 3am, making it possible for someone, not anyone, but an officer carrying a gun into a public place of social gathering like this while not on duty is a shame. Especially that we are talking about a neighborhood/street that witnessed bomb attacks in the past. It doesn’t seem you are doing a good job of keeping it secure around there. Also, Not only that Mr. tough officer guy with a gun misrepresented and disrespected our Army and broke his oath but also put innocent civilians lives at risk. Fights burst out in bars all the time. Besides, if you are in a crowded place, you are responsible for your personal items. Haven’t you read the sign? “We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items”.
    It is probably just a glitch in the system that needs long ways before its fixed. Its not the first or last time something like that will happen.

  • I agree with Ubu Wissam that you should always research the facts. Because as person on the scene I can actually verify that every fact that Ubu Wissam said is complete untrue and fabricated.
    It is clear that he had no idea about the hole situation and made up his own story. It is also clear that he has not seen the Video of the situation. Which shows clearly the callus aggression of the drunk guys.
    By the way the stolen jacket just magically turned up in his car.
    As not being of a influential family, You must check; in whose office his mother’s works. If that is not influence then I don’t know what is.
    And regarding the upstanding service and family. I suggest everybody does some research and find out why his father was sent back from a diplomatic post that caused a tragedy for Jordan.
    Next time you want to give facts, please use facts not figments of your imagination.
    We sat on the table next to these guys and saw the arrogant and demeaning attitude that is breed into this type of character

  • finally someone present gave a fact … but then again this is only one of many accedents that proves that the untouchables do exist on a roof top above the law …….then again i wonder what marwan would do i daubt it ends this way , as this gut has a son to worry about and a brother and two sisters , his family …i wonder if they would sleep tight after what they all did……thus the victim unfortunatly left the jordan and for good in order to prevent further complications and vendeta ,with which i think he should take his right the jungle way as the law is priced on sale , too bad loosing such a loyal jordanian productive ,has more than 65 employees (that is good for the unemploment problem)surving tourizm in jordan (the asset of the country ) pays tax and active in the banking system ,,, rather than the officer that got his education in the USA unpayed his car is from the army and the fuel as well ,even his phone and the servent at the house , so now think who is the asset .
    our beloved jordan is disapointing us ,,, now lets see if he will still be in the army in the special forces AS IT IS A CLEAR RULE THAT ANY MEMBER OF THE ARMY CAUGHT DRUNK MUST BE KICKED OUT , and he was proven drunk by report and in a criminal action .how clear would it be if this happens

  • Am really too ashamed and diappointed from our law …who supports these kinds of crimes,they’re making it to be as a normal thing to happen in Amman…

    Its really surprising that these people are free from long time,they are back to their work and they’re living their lives as nothing happened!!!!

    All what we can wish for now is a better justice system away from vitamin ‘W’…..ilWasta…..
    God bless u marwan and all the luck for u in Beirut………

  • Marwan deserves what happened to him, he should respect his customers, and be a real man……
    He lost his eye in a fight, now he lost his balls, he lost his dignity, who knows what he will loose next…
    Law system is corrupted, but law of nature survived…
    God Bless

  • hahhaay ,, mr. marwan , the scare on his eye ws in 1995 by accedent from a metal hook at a gas station in naoor area, his dignity is on a pending trial depending on the corrupted law which is our main issue , as for his balls you need to ask your …. she should know ,,,,,, yes he is my best friend and i urge u to be polite and stick to the subject ….and nature law is a bigger word than yourself as it would’ve been cheaper for him if he applyed that but the guy is well educated and from a clean back ground

  • OMG..this is simply unacceptable..No one is above the law ..and the sentence for any criminal is the same if your sivillian ,millitary or even deplomatic..
    i dont think that the sentence satisfies or even got ma friend right back!!!
    the fine JD 5!! is a joke its not even the price of drink ..he could lose his legs or even more ..comon the jordanian justise system is more fair and wiser..i guess there must be more appealing
    hope their majsties King abdullah and queen rania get informed..they wouldn’t accept it at any level

  • Miromiro, you were not polite, but that is ok, like mother like son…
    The law in Jordan in the first place is TRIBAL, which means there must be a 3ATWEH, in order to ease the sentence. Since the 3atweh was rejected by Madaba sons, law should not be eased…
    And since the sentence was eased, then Madaba sons were ignored and there opinions were neglected.
    At the end of the day, the trial that the officer got was not a civilian one, it was a military one, so no one can argue with it. Life goes on guys. Another fight will happen in KANABAYE, and another shooting moght happen, so learn the lesson and hide…

  • Just an inquiry, is this Abu Wisam a lawyer brought in by the offender’s family to try to fabricate a story? The arguments sounded pre-prepared and neatly written.. Good job..

    I am no judge and have not put effort to look into the details of the fact, as most of my info is based on hear and say, but I got few comments from reading the discussion. For one, I like the ‘offender’s friend and offender were beaten’ part. Why would an owner of a place like Kanabaye insult somebody who asks for a jacket and beat him? Not the norm in such places, and if it was, you wouldn’t see many people visiting it anyways. It seems that people who want to get away from an offence (i.e. hitting somebody by car, fighting with someone, etc), then the best thing to do is to go to the hospital and fetch a report on being beaten.. This is by no means to say hospitals are corrupt, but I am sure a clever lawyer would know one or two..

    Another thing that got attention: who as a mature individual when he finds himself drunk (even if it was one drink!) and still gets the courage and confidence to use his gun wisely? In my books, this is more than courage and moves to the zone of arrogance and lack of self-discipline..

    I have full confidence in our judicial system but unfortunately we have been so good in finding ways around it, just like elsewhere around the world.. As one of those mentioned, there are several ways to lighten the sentence; trying to prove a story of being beaten and that the victim has a history of being in fights is a good way to do it..

    By the way, what was so precious in this jacket that it deserved a fight? If there was nothing serious in it, then it is overuse of power and that is a crime. If there was something indeed, it had to be something big (??!); Bear in mind story again was well written by Abu Wisam, to show that the reason for the fight was not the jacket as such, but Marwan and employees insulting them badly..


  • 6 months!!!!
    JD 5.0 !!!
    Wow…At the time everything is getting more and more expensive,Souls are becoming more & more cheap.

    I wonder, what would have been the outcome if the victim was the shooter and the shooter was the victim keeping everything else as is…JUST IMAGINE !?!?!?

  • wow bro, never expected from you to do that ,,salut,,,

    i love your spirite ,,i hope the FREE criminal gets the msg , though am sure the boys told him, why didn’t you mention when they huraste you in aqaba ,,, am glade that you did become wise about it ,,, bro , just keep it up and show them that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger , oh my lord marwan stronger !!!!!that’s beyond the hulk if 4 military trained bulited didn’t get you dawn ,, i think they need to call bn ladin and a katyoosha ,,, you are the man bro just go on with your life , we are behind you , and turn the other cheek ,,,, i love you man you will always be my idle

  • A shame? Absolutely. A surprise? Not at all!

    The judicial system in its entirety, civil and military is in shambles!

  • I would agree that there was a travesty of criminal justice here. The criminal behavior of the person using the gun is obscene. His name should be publicized. In the US, there would be opportunity to sue for civil damages. I don’t know if this is also the case in jordan. THe gunman violated Marwan Qusus’s civil rights and he suffered personal harm and suffering.

    Such a verdict from the government court should be told to Amnesty International and an international watchdog group, as this shows deep flaws in the Jordanian Justice system.

  • We are always proud of our safe country & our Jordanian creative- porductive young people in every field ! How can we be proud anymore when one of our productive young men got shot by an officer -using his official pistol- in the heart of our safe capital Amman!!!!

    The officer/gangster, as i heard is a Sandherst graduate!!!!! Meaning our Al Shesh Al Arabe had paid for his education there & even named him to study there , therefore; i guess 7aram to waste this money in jail, he should be free in the streets with discounted bullets to put in his official pistol after he has 2 drinks…!!

    to be continued..!!!!!


  • well…as if this was the first time that this happens..!!

    we still havent forgotten what happened with the sha2lan shooting over 10 years ago..or the manaseer car run down a few years ago…both walked out of killing another jordanian citizen nice and clean..

    we were all hoping that things would be different this time..
    i thought that he would get atleast 3 years.. ( which still would have been a very light sentance )

    in our law system..,the accused get half the sentance if the victim forfitts his rights..and this wasnt the case here..

    its interesting to know that running a red light in jordan under the influence of alcohol carries a 6 months jail sentance..!! wow….

    i red light = 4 bullets………….. shame on them…

  • hello there,

    firstly, i would like to salute Nassem on this website, its among the best jordanian ones.

    secondly: ironically this article on such a website was ‘apparently ‘ misinterpreted since i’m well aware that this is Not a “chat room” where everyone and anyone would throw a comment whenever he/she has a 5min break!and answer each other in such a way!!! and reading the comments, not all of them to be fair, i couldnt help not saying somethng.
    however, i did not know whether to be sad or actually to laugh (sarcastically)abt it?!! its such a shame that young people like you, “Jordanian people”, are saying this….. allowing yrself to comment on such story that have affected several parties, and No u DO NOT have the right to do so. (just bcuz you were told the story, that does not invite you to be part of it!)
    one of you said “WE are paying the price”!! well Mr. wat price and for what?plz save us this talk,bcuz None of you paid the price of anythng, you are all safe and ALIVE, the only people who paid the price are the two families and no one else. they’ve both lived days that changed their lives and that i’m sure if we had the power to reverse events we would have for the sake of the Two families!!!!!! (the “victim’s” family AND the shooter’s, they’re both humans you know!!!)

    another thing, its strange how everyone expected this sentence and still you are all surprised, ma 3ala 7sab u knew thats wats going to happen!!!!!

    and why are you so said abt it, a PUBLIC trial happened and ANYONE SO INTERESTED, REALLY INTERESTED was invited to go and witness the whole thing. plus, if most of “Marwan’s” workers didn’t testify for his sake then i dont thnk there was much to do!!
    maybe marwan is just worth the 5jd and 6 month, cheep hu bas … !

    sorry abt my previous sentence, but the thing is people are going sooooo far in this story, especially by mentioning names and involving the families. that is sooo far and no one has the right to do that. personally, i thnk, it is just normal that a family would stand by their son in good and in bad. no one denies that the shooting was wrong, but still we all do mistakes its just human nature. so regardless of what the children do, we should keep the families away. Bcuz family so not turn their backs on each other no matter what!(ask yr parents or yrselves if you r one). it is unfair to say what is being said, i mean what the hell are you trying to do?to show that you know the history of the shooter’s family?well done well done fine u know it and then???? well we also know the history of marwan’s family…amman is small!!but that is soooo irrelevant!
    and i bet if anyone has any kind of power or is influential in any way, they would use it and abuse it even on a Mc’donald’s drive through!!! plus who said they used their influence, ya3ni think abt it if the pple who testify didn’t help marwan in any way and iza il 7okom heik tile3 shu ni3mel ya3ni!! the case is closed…so enough with this childish immature talk and get over it!!!!!!!

    The story is not wat we say abt the law in Jordan, or abt any irrelevant talk that some of you are saying. Enough with the talk, THANK GOD THAT MARWAN IS FINE, HE’S ALIVE AND SAFE, THANK GOD. SO IS THE SHOOTER AND HIS FRNDS.Why would we want to say more and just hurt people that we don’t even reallyy know, hurting them in a way that equals a life-time prison! So be mature abt it o
    haddo ba3ad badal ma twal3oha!its not a war.

    God bless !

  • really people i thnk it is time to be calm o inhaddi ba3ad! illi sar sar we can do nthng abt it!!
    enough is enough. lets end it here once and for all!! we r not getting anythng back from this talk, bil 3aks.

    God Bless us All

  • Dear All, and Marwan ?? I think that we are missing a very important point in this case ( What is so important about a Jacket that was lost) have any of us ever lost a jacket and had a fight about it????? WHAT WAS IN THE JACKET THAT WOULD STEAR UP A FIGHT !!!

Your Two Piasters: