• i don’t believe the conflict was religious. it was ethnic. so I’d be careful when saying the guy slaughtered “Muslims.” He would have killed ethnic Albanians regardless of their faith.

  • Now what happened here? I post a comment and it gets deleted?! Now I don´t think that you would do something like that NAS (whom I think is the owner of this website). I posted it several hours ago and when I re-entered to see if there were any replies I saw that my comment and 2 others were deleted. Why is that? I thought that you preached about freedom of speech in Jordan and how everyone should have rights, but when I express myself and want to excercise my freedom of speech I don´t get to??? Now that is what I call HYPOCRISY. Well you are no different than the politicians who condemn the world on Iraq and later on make money from it. However… let´s hope that you don´t delete this one and for those of you who get to read it before the blogger deletes it, don´t forget it. Good night ya´ll. And don´t reply with that you didn´t want to start a political argument, because this blog is all about politics and you are all about arguments. If there is someplace where people should discuss these things, it should be this website. If you don´t agree then remove the comment box.

  • Muhammad: calm yourself son.

    When a comment doesn’t show up on this blog after being posted it means that my spam application/plugin has eaten it up because it some how thinks it’s spam. There’s no way I would know about this unless someone, such as your good self, sends me an email – as my commenting policy clearly states – and then I go fishing for it and recover it. Some times I’m late at doing that because I’m either sleeping or away from the computer for a long time such as these past 2 days.

    In other instances the commenter’s connection is too slow and upon pressing the submit button they get a blank white page, which means the commenter’s browser timed out.

    Now, I went looking in the spam folder and nothing you’ve posted is in there. So if your browser didn’t time out then I’m guessing something went wrong with my hosts’ servers because I was told they were refreshing their databases, so perhaps something went wrong there.


    the lesson here is don’t jump to conclusions please, and have the good sense of emailing or putting a little effort towards investigating your comments disappearance before calling people hypocrites.


  • Well thank you very much for that information and sorry for jumping to conclusions, but I have posted on this website before and nothing like this has occured before. So I did not know that anything like that was possible. But thanks for the information!

  • “I have posted on this website before and nothing like this has occured before”

    that should be enough for you to give me the benefit of the doubt next time around 😉


  • Nas,,

    48 hours ago I couldn’t see your blog, just WordPress msg they can’t reach your database and link to WordPress support email…I thought you stopped blogging 😉

  • Moh’d: Thanks, yeah I got an email from the host telling me they were messing about. I hate this host but I’m too scared to move 😀

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