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4 thoughts on “Movie Review | Wanted

  1. The action was good but the story was weak and McAvoy was a disappointment in this film – His American accent was really irritating.

    How many people have the same *&^% name? The loom picking names seems like a pretty weak concept even for a mindless action flick.

  2. First of all, The author of the original graphic novel (A.K.A. a comic book) is “Mark Miller” not “Frank Miller”, also the original story was about a “fraternity of super villains” and not about the fraternity of assassins, they had to change the plot to avoid being sued by the comics publishing companies (some of the original characters were inspired from some of their characters)

    While The comic was decent to keep you hocked, but it had a terrible ending (Which involves some sort of anal raping which I will not discuss here), but from what I read here so far this movie is far, far worse!

    IMHO, They made a huge mistake by changing the original plot, but each to his own I guess.

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