Verifying King Abdullah’s Comment On The Black Iris

I’ve received a few emails, facebook messages and sms’s regarding HM King Abdullah’s comment [link], which he posted on The Black Iris a few hours earlier today. People are generally asking me if it was really him or not so I thought I would simply verify for all that yes, indeed, it is an authentic comment left by the King. I even received a phone call from the Royal Hashemite Court verifying it. He also left a comment on Al Dustour’s website. Hopefully that will end any speculation with regards to this matter and people can feel the freedom to comment.

And to HM King Abdullah II, I have even more respect for our leader lately than I ever have, and his decision to leave a comment on this blog – to thank and attempt to communicate with Jordanians of every background and age-group – is only indicative of his authenticity in my opinion. It was a humble move from a King, that has, in turn, humbled this little blogger greatly.

It should also be noted that his comment is also indicative of his vision for a free online media in Jordan, and hopefully it will continue to evolve with that same spirit.

Thank you!

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