Blogs Can Be The Perfect Anti-Depressant!

TIP: The three blogs I read every now and then when I’m feeling down and I need a quick pick-me-upper, are Fail Blog, Stuff White People Like and The Superficial. For those of you who are like me and tend to take life too seriously sometimes, take the time to enjoy some mind-numbing blogging. It helps.

Have a nice (and cool) weekend everyone!


  • The first is hilarious!! I wanted to say it’s hard to believe it’s true but on a second thought, everyone might have a slip of mind ever once ina while and say something utterly absurd…

  • fail at failing.. that’s how i feel people who fail at telling jokes feel after failing at making people laugh afterwards.. hmmm, now that i have read what i wrote previously, i guess i just failed at failing to convey the message i wanted to pass… LOOL
    whatever! hehehe

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