Faridon’s eXPAND Art Exhibit

This isn’t exactly a review since Faridon is a good friend of mine and I’m a big fan of his work, thus it wouldn’t be fair. It is, however, a post dedicated to encouraging everyone to go and see some amazing local artwork and hopefully enjoy their time as much as I did. The opening of eXPAND was last night and it was jam-packed (mashallah), with various collections of work divided into various sections. My favorite, dubbed tRACED, is a collection of traced photos of Jordanian landmarks, redone with charcoal down to the detail of a single blade of grass. One of those images is actually based on a photo in my blog’s header. So it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re an art collector and are looking for some brilliant local pieces, or even if you’re looking for something to do these days. The exhibit will run until June 26th and is located right beneath Century Cinema in Zara Center.


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